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  1. Decent performance based on the highlights. Midfield looked to be more influential than I've seen recently and Hamilton continues to impress with another solid game. Good to see Reilly getting a goal and a nice finish at that. ICT looked very ordinary and certainly nothing to fear.
  2. Sums up his lack of insight, knowledge and experience.
  3. I'm more concerned about Lithgow's contribution on the park than events which happened years ago which he was rightly punished for. His signing looks to be another MacPherson masterstroke based on desperation to get a body in after a poor summer recruitment exercise.
  4. I seem to remember that forwards scored goals occasionally. I know it's only a minor attribute to you but nonetheless it does make a wee difference.
  5. Just when you think it can't get worse Reilly comes on. Not sure we can be more bereft of craft, vision or invention but having Muirhead, Blues and Reilly on the park at the same time is more than I can take. 2nd goal flatters Killie but you just knew it was likely. Big Gozie working hard to keep us in this but I fear it's a lost cause.
  6. Lets just see this out and enjoy some scenes for a change.
  7. Disappointing. Can't see them getting anything as bad as MacPherson.
  8. I've always disagreed with your take on MCT but I fully endorse the above. We can improve if we have the ambition, a degree of bravery and leadership. At the moment we seemed to be paralyzed by fear of failure.
  9. Funnily enough I was the opposite and City was the club that I went to most given Morton stalwarts Gerry Sweeney and Donnie Gillies were playing for them. Back then I drifted around just about every club is the South West but none of them got their claws into me like Morton. First loves and all that. My boy became a regular at Ashton Gate for a good few years until he grew up and embraced the world of gilfriends and family.
  10. The Gas are back in Bristol now at the Memorial Ground. Enjoyed Ashton Gate and Eastville when I first came down here
  11. Reading the notes gives the impression that we've hit a little bump in the road which has been a little disappointing. It's been a bit difficult and a tad frustrating but we hope to see some progress as everyone is working hard. Talk about grossly misunderstanding the nature of our problems and the total inability of our management team to affect any positive change. The fact that the manager has nothing to offer apart from more of the same, the fact that our forwards couldn't score in a barrel of fannies, the fact that our midfielders are dominated whoever we play and our defence can only be relied on to cough up comedy goals on a regular basis, doesn't merit any sort of comment. When did the board decide that having basic expectations of competence from management to playing staff is a luxury reserved for other clubs.
  12. Gus and his gurning inane cliches or Yogi with his unintelligent gibberish - what a choice.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised that just about anyone on that list would look forward to drawing us at the moment. Numerous opportunities for a shame game shouldn't be underestimated.
  14. The 2 year deal has all the hallmarks of panic and relief and I'm prepared to accept the consequences as long as the board acts now. There's an old saying that you should never reinforce failure and there is a real danger that not addressing the abject failure of the management team will be far more damaging to Morton than accepting the cost and embarrassment of admitting we made a mistake. Now is not the time to get precious about individuals roles in this as the board must demonstrate clearly that the current situation is totally unacceptable and must be swiftly resolved. Do what is right now and maybe we can salvage something.
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