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  1. I've no time for either Muirhead or Kabia but would be churlish not to give them credit for finding the net. Three points were a must to break the spiral of draws and defeats and give us a bit of breathing space. so well done to Dougie and the team. Hopefully this will be the spur we needed to get some positive thoughts and a bit of confidence growing.
  2. Ayr can fuck off now after thanking us for their spanking
  3. Muirheads total lack of goal scoring ability was well known and the fact that he is not playing in the junior league is down to us having no gumption, and believing that there's a player in there. There isn't and hasn't been since his academy days. Jai is Jai and will never learn to be something better than mediocre because he thinks he's a footballer. Like Muirhead his record was well known and all this guff about him unsettling defenders is meaningless without an end product. We really need to start setting some minimum standards and then expecting that retention is based on them. If we had we wouldn't have Capplelow clogged up with shit like Kabbia and Blues.
  4. Well done to young McGrattan but it's too little too late. Dougie is paying the price for not getting a striker and after the last few seasons you wonder if we'll ever learn. Shite, abject shite masquerading as a team.
  5. Whatever you're saying Dougie, nobody is listening and we move from poor to chronic. Get Muirhead to fuck and one of the youngsters on.
  6. It's the age old story for the last decade. Inability to recruit a striker worthy of the name, guarantees that we'll continue to be fighting to avoid the bottom 2 position. I've given up waiting on Muirhead to demonstrate that he's turned the corner and is anything more than a waste of oxygen. Kabia is a poor example of a Div ! midfielder and offers nothing apart from sandancing. Jai is what I expected, lots of huff and puff but little in the way of a consistent threat in front of goal. If you're reading Dougie please don't mention turning Cappielow into a fortress until steps are taken to dump the dross..
  7. Much as I'd like a bit more creativity in midfield the priority must be goals and I'd rather we concentrated on that.
  8. Ayr comfortably beat Dundee's gang of mince 3-1. Akinyemi looks exactly like what we're missing up front.
  9. Very happy to hear this news and pleased that Dougie has nailed his colours to the mast.
  10. If that was the case it would be an extraordinarily foolish action and one that would backfire spectacularly.
  11. Another season starts and we still can't find a striker that merits the name. Jai can hustle and bustle but has zero composure or guile in front of goal. Muirhead is capable of scoring but only when Halley's comet is flying over Cappielow. Neither can deliver consistently and they will be lucky to score a dozen between them. Dougie must try to get anyone in on loan that can finish with the boards support or we will be fighting to avoid the bottom 3 once again.
  12. Heart-breaking stuff for the greeting faced wee prick.
  13. You may be right LT but I'm more content now about the club having a future than I was 18 months ago. The first rule of business is survival, particularly during periods like this and many other clubs will be facing these challenges. I have no doubt that if the previous structure was still in place then our future was sealed. At the moment we are close to being debt free with a secured ground so there are options that can be explored as to a future business model. MCT have been thrown in at the deep end and like all voluntary organisations will take time to bed down. I'm not going to get overly critical of people who are learning on the job, even if it means that there's little to excite on or off the park.
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