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  1. Seems a bit ott even given he's improved on his 1st season. We desperately need a creative midfielder and someone who can break up play and can pass accurately. Unfortunately Blues doesn't really fit the bill
  2. I've seen us in worse. Hopefully a new bespoke shirt won't be long coming.
  3. Agreed - prolific to us has become 6 or 7 goals a season. Reilly looked to me to offer a bit more but it's not break out the champagne stuff.
  4. Not a heartbreaker but Reilly looked to be a more promising player up front than Muirhead and Ugwu. However he clearly has a link with Queens and all the best to him. Puts a little more pressure on Dougie to find a goal scorer that can find the net more often than once a month.
  5. Looks like we'll have to put up with that greetin faced wank Dodds for another season. Terrible wee shame.
  6. I think the potential complexity of the issue as demonstrated above makes it clear that deciding on the night is unlikely to secure approval. Unless someone can produce a proper proposal which covers all the ground in sufficient detail to assure MCT members that this is a positive move, and them give them time to assess the pros and cons before voting, then I can't see how this will gain majority support. I've no doubt that we need to raise more funds than we currently do through subscription but we are in danger of damaging the one thing that unites most of us ie community ownership. How do other community owned clubs square this circle?
  7. Totally agree. McGinn is able to break up play but it's nonsense to suggest he has the creativity we badly need. Our current options on the forward line are all experienced pros and they have done nothing in their careers to suggest they are likely to improve with time/coaching.
  8. tbf St Johnstone were so dominant in the 1st half and the hammer throwers were so shit that it looked like the tie would have been effectively over tonight. However they showed no ambition in the 2nd half and got what they deserved.
  9. I've seen a lot worse so won't get too upset. Pity about the hoops but so be it.
  10. I need to see more detail on this before coming to a firm conclusion. If I remember correctly this was mentioned at a previous meeting so I'm not surprised that an EGM has been called to discuss/decide. Hopefully many of the legitimate questions above will be dealt with but if not then the membership has the power to reject.
  11. I'd much rather the club devotes its resources to doing the work required during pre season rather than responding to every 'scoop' that the gutter press/social media come up with.
  12. I doubt he'll be at Thistle for much longer with that kind of return. Someone will take a punt on him and given he's getting real game time {albeit in the Juniors) he's probably on a level with some of our youngsters.
  13. Would much rather have seen Airdrie make it up but it wasn't to be. QP offer nothing of interest.
  14. I'm sure his 2 goals in 2 seasons made all the difference.
  15. Looked useful whenever I've seen him on the box.
  16. Shit game apart from watching the tantrums from that torn faced greeting twat Dodds.
  17. We watched the Rae's run our club to the point of irrelevance with barely a word being spoken by half the fan base. Now because there are questions about how tough things are we are hearing that the Rae model might have been a better idea. This is going to be hard and anyone who thought it was going to be a stroll and that mistakes and missteps would never happen need to adjust their expectations.
  18. Another one for the Ignore pile.
  19. Sorry to see him go as he did make a positive contribution while here, unlike some. Best of luck to him for the future.
  20. Their manager who did a decent job jumped ship for a basket case, much like a snake we once knew.
  21. Ledger can go with his head held high and with all good wishes. He worked hard to improve his defensive game when we needed it most.
  22. I'm sure that if the club had been able to find a cost effective way of doing this they would have. Sadly there probably isn't enough ex pats to make it worthwhile and the club has to take a business view of viability.
  23. It's a difficult one for the club with inflation running at 7% and likely to go up towards 10% by the year end. Everybody will face that issue but we need to improve our ST numbers and for that we need to see some players who can raise the hopes of the fans and get them excited about the new campaign. Being served a diet of what we've seen for the past 2 seasons is hardly likely to give anyone a semi. The concessions, kids prices and under 12s seem to be pretty fair but the price for MCT membership is just as likely to lose money as gain it. Mixed bag overall.
  24. Well done to him. Hopefully he benefits from the step up to a bigger club albeit in the same div.
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