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Match Preview/Thread - Morton vs Airdrieonians (24th February)


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After tonight’s result, we have a chance to move in two points behind that mob up the road.

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McGhee needs some support, there's no-one backing him up.
Hayes playing it forward, Bell being forced to do it all alone, now forward from Marr, here's Ritchie, still Andy Ritchie, look at the control...

That is a marvellous goal from Andy Ritchie. Twenty minutes on the clock and Morton's supporters come alive. A goal which epitomises the control, the arrogance, the cheek of Andy Ritchie.

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Ref's been absolutely appalling and let this degrade into Verdun.

Routine three points, professional performance, got the game killed off early then saw it out

16 (sixteen) unbeaten.

edit: oh, they scored.

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Shower of dirty bastards so much for us being the hammer throwers. 

Blues and Power outstanding, made hard work of it in the end but we got the three point that's the main thing.

Another game unbeaten keep the run going. 

Referee was utter dung where he got the added time from I will never know. 

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Just now, The Bewilderedbeast said:

You have to laugh at the Hammer Throwers tag we've attracted after watching that Airdrie performance today.

There were at least two justifiable straight reds for them today.

Aye, they knocked it about well at times but up until about 80 minutes we had more possession and were getting kicked and pulled and hauled off them. Can guarantee their manager will talk about how Morton have a certain style or something though. 

Didn't get a clear view but looked like Mullen got caught late towards the end too. 

We also created more clear cut chances than them. 

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10 minutes ago, The Bewilderedbeast said:

Yeah, hopefully just a precaution 

He looked to have ice on his hip/quad afterwards. Going to Raith with both him and Muirhead missing would be a disaster. Crawford also wasn’t moving freely towards the end. 

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