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  1. Congratulations to the Community Trust on this.
  2. Agree to an extent. I suppose the problem is the board left that gap where there wasn't really anyone to speak for the club. That said, I think it would have made his role a lot more easy and he'd have got more support if he was a bit more visible and accessible to the customer. Either way, this new role means we've got someone in place to do that without the grey area we're debating. It's got to be a part of the remit now.
  3. Not too sure what he's done behind the scenes, and I appreciate he's been part time, but would have expected him to be more visible than he has been so far. One short interview isn't really enough to get the fans on side and get a bit of support for himself. A quick update every couple of weeks to say what has been done, what's being done and what's planned would go a long way at a time of transition and when we solely rely on fan backing. I'm a bit concerned that this doesn't seem to have been recognised as something with high value for not a lot of effort. The board should be doing this too but I don't think there's any excuses for the paid employee who's role is overseeing club operations not to be more visible to the people paying his wages. Hopefully being full time (and presumably being paid to reflect the role) changes this.
  4. It's not the club and lawyers who make the laws though.
  5. The club is run separately from MCT though. From that short clip it looks like someone from MCT is finally starting to look at engaging with fans and members. MCT might have the ability to change the Morton board through the way things are set up but can't, and shouldn't, be directly influencing footballing decisions whenever they feel like it. It's not their job make footballing decisions and there's a clear distinction between both organisations. Clearly things on the park are pretty grim but MCTs role should be to influence and change how the club is run on behalf of its shareholders (the MCT members). If a club director is responsible for footballing decisions then it is up to MCT to change that but I'm guessing the articles and governance don't make it simple and there will be a term associated with board roles. MCT having better engagement with fans and members (with the club involved) should see improvements all round over time whether that be a stronger collective member voice to change the board at the club or increasing money available for the club to spend through as members stay/ increase because they're happy they are being represented. I'm not particularly happy with how the club has been run, and certainly not the results, but we need to appreciate MCT do not run the club.
  6. We're a struggling championship club without a wealthy backer. It's always time to be looking for money. If someone joined the board of MCT and wasn't looking at ways to build up membership then questions should be asked. In this case he's spoke about his experience, improving engagement and gave a commitment to doing stuff rather than just having a begging bowl out so fair play to him.
  7. Speaks quite well so maybe a bit of positivity. Will be interesting to see where this leads to. If nothing else it's someone willing to show his face and take some accountability. On a slightly related point, our General Manager seems to be invisible - had hoped he'd be a bit more vocal but not sure what he does or is doing.
  8. Not too sure why they don't just say something like the manager is given a budget and signings are up to him and that he does his due diligence to make sure they are right for the club. It doesn't need to address individuals and could be a blanket statement to cover the recruitment process. That ship has probably sailed now though but at least it would cover some accusations of not addressing questions about signings. That said, some people wouldn't accept anything.
  9. 2 can't be far from the case. It's a lot of money for a club at our level and we're not exactly packing out Cappielow every week to get more money. We need this to work. At the moment there's no other options.
  10. They've got a membership tracker on the site so basing the numbers on that. It's at nearly 900 and the last news update was just over a week ago so working on the assumption it's accurate. The update before that said membership was fast approaching 900. I agree about keeping the subscriptions going. At the moment it's the only show in town so keeping these going is needed for us to actually have a club. This where I think there's a potential overlap where fans think they're doing the right thing despite not being happy but MCT board members naively thinking these membership numbers are a tangible measurement of success. People debating on a message board won't fit into their KPIs if that's the case. I don't think we're actually disagreeing much on anything here. I've said it seems to be a closed shop and heads are in the sand while you're saying it's a tone deaf approach. My point is really that it's probably at the stage where individual members need to raise their concerns directly rather than here or relying on the podcast or something else. I'm not saying this is right and have said a few times that it was very disappointing that it took an SLO to organise a Q&A with the club rather than MCT doing proactively out of duty to the membership.
  11. Don't disagree with a lot of that but if a member has concerns then they should be allowed to voice them directly and should expect an answer. I wouldn't expect voting records, etc if it was me asking but would expect some details on governance models and how decisions are made to give some reassurance. If members aren't getting answers to their satisfaction if and when they are contacting MCT directly then membership will start to drop. Member numbers are holding at a steady level though (maybe even increasing slightly) even with the negativity about the cancelled podcast, team performances and things like my own issue of it taking an SLO to arrange a Q&A rather than being done off their own back. With this being the case some within MCT might be of the impression that they're delivering for members. Like I've said a few times, I'm not arguing for MCT here.
  12. I get Dean's an MCT member but there's still a bit of a difference between the podcast route and asking directly as a member. There might have been other discussions too. Anyway, I'm not saying MCT should only answer direct questions (I've said on the other thread that the impression they give is of a closed shop) but asked if someone who said they were a founder member has asked their questions directly rather than just here since it was quite a strongly worded post. That's about the extent of it - I'm not trying to put across a point of view. I'm just wondering if someone who's got a lot of questions and issues has contacted them directly rather than hoping for an answer by asking indirectly. Personally I don't think MCT have shown much accountability and their main selling point from day one should have been to show members have influence. That's not really been done at all and there's no reason why after a couple years.
  13. I'm not defending MCT here but there's a difference between podcasts, an SLO led Q&A, etc and direct questions from members themselves. The first two haven't really shown them in a good light but they could argue that they've not had bad feedback directly from members through their own channels and plead a bit of ignorance as they're answerable to members. There's obviously a large element of burying heads in the sand but if members aren't getting the feedback they want when asking directly (rather than from posting here or via something separate like a podcast) it's a whole different issue for me. Like I said earlier, I'd be curious to know if members have contacted them directly and are satisfied or just post on here and expect answers.
  14. Not saying that wasn't handled well but if a member isn't happy and wants to hold the board to account then they shouldn't just rely on a podcast interview or message board. I've not heard of anyone's experience of raising issues with MCT directly so it would be interesting to hear what experiences anyone has.
  15. Just curious if anyone has approached them directly and what kind of response they get.
  16. Have you contacted MCT directly rather than using a message board?
  17. Appoint the right person and you've got experience of raising revenue, etc in football too with various contacts. Let the work on the strategy and football side of things and the GM can contribute/ run things day to day. To me it's a no brainer too.
  18. Why should they? There's moaning over nothing and then this.
  19. We were the same coming out of administration though. It's a lot easier in times of real adversity. Personally, I thought that documentary just came across as a programme about a rich guy with a new toy.
  20. It's easier when you can spend 4 million and run at a loss of 20 odd grand a month though.
  21. Aye, there's that and the fans game which brought in 3-4k so the odd event wouldn't do any harm.
  22. Maybe someone saying that is what's needed. And MCT are separate from the club anyway so you wouldn't be running the club - you'd be partly responsible for appointing who is and influencing that side.
  23. Maybe you could go for the vacant place on the MCT board and try to influence things?
  24. Doesn't really bother me. People wanted the fence back up for years and the atmosphere was better then the split was down the middle of the stairs. Should have said before punting tickets though.
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