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Kafka's head would be spinning at this. You're arguing that these proposals are designed to 'shield the stadium from creditors' when they consist of either the stadium being used as security for

Well this statement is not ageing particularly well, given that in spite of receiving a £500k taxpayer's grant for literally fuck-all, the current custodians of GMFC have in the following six weeks:

Before getting into the lengthy wrongs and wrongs of this on GC's part, on a simple matter of fact, why are they talking about £2M being the figure of debt? As I understood it the debt was £2.5M when

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14 hours ago, Pedrodelawasp said:

Good to know. Will look in to it for festival season.

Not these, though:




It has a zest of orange and a bitter aftertaste. Not available in ROI.

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Changed my mind after voting already, Crawford can sing for the car park.


Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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I don't think that the Rae's retaining ownership of the Car Park is such a bad thing.  Especially as it is contaminated land, and the inevitable cleanup costs may be prohibitive for Morton at a future date.

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Sign on the line and we'll give you the money.

And then you'll be mine and we'll fly somewhere sunny.

Then we'll quibble all your drivel seems unsatisfactory -


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"562 members cast their vote in this historic ballot, with 561 supporting community ownership proceeding under the terms outlined."



@Nornirontonswas the single against.


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I heard it was Finance Minister Reinhart who voted against.

The car park was just resting in my account

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Excellent news, and credit to everyone involved getting it over the line so quickly. I’m cautiously optimistic about the future, and whilst relegation is going to be a massive kick in the stones, the club’s probably in the best hands it could be in during my entire time supporting it. Roll on the title party. 

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