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  1. Good ball and good header. Embarrassing celebration.
  2. Wow, that double sub is a sacking offence in itself
  3. It's laughable how often we draw them.
  4. Brain Graham and Partick Thistle acting like scum. Shocker eh
  5. Bored beyond tears to be still hearing about people banging the Lithgow drum in November tbh
  6. When was the last time we had a home crowd of that size? We're arguably the biggest diddy club in the league ATM.
  7. Pointless playing 5atb when you have wingbacks who can't cross or pose a threat with their running in behind. Reilly and Oksanen clearly our two most talented players, and both largely negated by this system.
  8. So let me get this straight; Thomas "Tam" O'Ware's self-proclaimed step-up in his career resulted in him getting crocked in his first game and spending the season out injured, relegation from the Championship in his 2nd, a season in League One, and then dumped on the scrapheap as soon as they got back up?
  9. Who's playing in goal for the McGill's open day then?
  10. Eric Paartalu must be back living in Inverclyde, just seen him interviewed on BBC news about the new Celtic manager standing at the bottom of Castle Levan hill
  11. I like Oliver. He'll never be prolific but at least has a semblance of technical ability unlike most of the full-time duffers stealing a wage at this level.
  12. That's going to be somewhat controversial... I don't mind personally.I'd take Goodwillie up front in a heartbeat too. If it takes a team full of wrong 'uns to move us on, so be it. 2 year deal for a 33 year old is a worry though for me.
  13. Billy fucking Dodds OH my that is glorious.
  14. He was solid enough, but it's pushing it a bit extending his deal at this age.
  15. 10 years without a Champions League win for the bald fraud despite managing teams that should be nailed on for the semi-finals minimum every year by default, and signing about £1billion worth of additional players in that time. The most overrated manager in history.
  16. Nesbitt is mostly piss poor. Not much of a loss for me.
  17. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/sean-mcginty-joins-david-hopkins-24197737 The 27-year-old told the Ayrshire Post: "I really enjoyed playing under him [Hopkin] at Morton and we enjoyed good success during his time there. "I enjoy the way he builds his team and we had a really good relationship so I can't wait to work with him again. "I had other options on the table and turned down a very good offer to stay at Morton" wat
  18. That, and it weakens a direct rival in the league. The more similar Hopkin's Ayr is to Hopkin's Morton, the better for our survival hopes. It's great news for us all round.
  19. Hopkin singing up all the dross from our squad is excellent news. Keep them coming.
  20. Inverness, Dunfermline, Morton, Falkirk, Ross County, Dundee United, Queens Park and potentially Killie all looking for a manager this summer. Gives me the fear. What sort of clown are we going to end up with after they all have their pick?
  21. What an absolute disgrace Brechin are. The last 4 seasons have been shameful. Championship in 2018 to Highland league before the next World Cup has even taken place, it shouldn't be possible. Although these silly wee diddy sides coming up through the pyramids with Tuechtar Abramovich's splashing the cash is a worrying pattern.
  22. Dumbarton fans seem to like Ramsbottom.
  23. I think his hairline thinks its still 2006.
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