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  1. Emmanuel-Thomas presumably would have played at Livi whilst Imrie was a coach there. He was good at Livi tbf, but his career's fairly nosedived since. Shite at Aberdeen, season in India, and just come off a spell of 9 games, 0 goals for Kidderminster Harriers as they were relegated from the Conference.
  2. Alan Trouten ffs. The cunts about 40
  3. Literally specified I was talking about his mum and gimps on twitter and you still managed to take it personally
  4. You are a certified ambulance chaser if you're kicking up a fuss about some club posting empty, meaningless platitudes on twitter. She, and the rest of the gimps crying on Twitter need to grow up.
  5. Does this mean the end of the Kebab pies? SAD!
  6. Knicker wetting about a goalie coach might be a new low for this forum.
  7. 15 goals in the past 6 seasons at National League South level doesn't inspire much confidence. For reference Gozie Ugwu had 13 in 24 games the season before he joined Raith in the league ABOVE.
  8. One of Southgate's coaches insulted him in a team meeting.
  9. That's not at all why Ben White refuses an England call up. The Bachirou hate on this forum has always been perverse. People choosing to believe a rumour that someone pulled out their arse.
  10. Happy with that. A known quantity at this level. Important that we keep a solid core of last seasons team and not require a complete rebuild in the summer.
  11. Even during this game you can see what an unscrupulous, moaning, cheating scumbag he is. Shame it wasn't him that missed the final penalty. Need to see St Johnstone/Ross County do a job on Raith now.
  12. 100%. Leaking it to the Telegraph as well is absolutely pathetic behaviour
  13. Fan of that. Please be hoops on the back.
  14. I'm saying it. That alright Jamie?
  15. They're obviously paying out silly money if they're out bidding Partick as well. Little Ayr will follow the Inverness path to the grave.
  16. Why Broadfoot? All the other decisions I agree with, but come on to fuck Dougie. There's times he's been decent this season, another year at his age is pushing it in the extreme. Crazy decision.
  17. Jon Scullion is the size of a house these days. Playing for Kilbirnie Ladeside, who also have Jamie McGowan and Alan Frizzell in their team.
  18. What a strange season. Disgust, followed by the best form in living memory, followed by disgust then apathy. More consistency needed next season, and a plan B when the long ball to the big man up top isn't viable.
  19. Same old shite supporting this club. Have a good season then throw it away at the arse end. Getting real boring.
  20. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa
  21. Derek Adams leaves Ross County. I've got the fear...
  22. What does he mean the turnstile issue was "addressed and tackled within 48 hours"? I hope he's not thinking that just admitting the turnstiles are shite in the Tele is an adequate enough response?
  23. There's no way he's as tall as 5ft 11. Wherever that's listed has to be an error. He's dwarfed by Reece Lyon in this photo, who can't be any taller than 6ft 1. According to Google, there's a 5cm difference between them. Not a chance.
  24. Is the company selling the 81-84 and 97-99 retro kits affiliated with the club?
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