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  1. Yep. Feel like all the noise about improving post-Hopkin and looking towards the play-off was extremely premature. That's 5 games without a win now, and Queens spell of form has us firmly back looking over our shoulder. Any run of results from Alloa and Arbroath, and we're deep in the relegation battle.
  2. Convinced that Billy Dodds doesn't have the intelligence to concentrate for 90 minutes and simply just selects his MOTM by picking he most high profile name he recognises on the team sheets.
  3. Lovely flying elbow to the throat of McAdam at that corner there.
  4. 4 left dead in the first Proud Boys putsch. Antifa must condemn.
  5. Was I, aye? 🤣 Good luck backing up any of those imaginary viewpoints you have attributed to me with evidence, you utter fantasist. The only "collective" to which I belong is the one of laughing at and baiting delusional right-wing lunatics
  6. Did I, aye? You - singularly - spent the entire election campaign saying stuff like this: ",I'll go on record right now is saying that any organized, large-scale unrest in this country will be originated and perpetrated by the left" Looks like you were wrong lol.
  7. The violent and evil left MUST be behind this latest violence.
  8. What did Hopkin not see in Lyon? Something happen between them? Doesn't make sense that he barely seen the light of day under him the past yeat
  9. Dundee bottle a 3-0 lead and all big Charlie Adam cares about is uploading a clip of his goal to twitter. Mess of a club.
  10. We'd be into the play-offs and only a point behind Dunfermline if the HT scores maintain. What a league.
  11. I miscounted actually. It's W3, D1, L9 Still a hilariously awful record
  12. Won 3, drawn 1, lost 11. I did not realise it was as abysmal as that. 😂
  13. Literally the whole upper half of the cunts body is behind the line and they still didn't give it. Ref's not had a clear view of the ball and decided not to make any decision, rather than go with the one logical decision. Shitebag.
  14. That's a joke. We've been had. It's hardly the most foolproof of theories, but the way Strapp and whoever went straight off to celebrate without even a hesitation to look at the ref makes me think it definitely was over the line.
  15. Well it definitely sounds more plausible to me than Crawford taking an adverse reaction to an emoji. Possibly, but anyone who's watched Morton anytime in the past 6 years should be used to strange team selections by now. Too early yet to be getting the pitchforks out over it.
  16. You seriously think someone got dropped because they posted an emoji on Twitter?
  17. Incredibly daft and reactionary take to assume he's been dropped for that. He's hardly Alessandro Nesta, is he? The fitness coach guy is one of Hopkin's appointees anyway and is likely disappointed by the situation as well, so the conspiracy doesn't even make sense.
  18. Just when you thought this day couldn't take any more unexpected turns, up pops Crawford Rae with his alias account on the fans forum unleashing an unhinged meltdown at 1am. What a club.
  19. It was inevitable, wasn't it. A total banter club. Just put us out our misery already.
  20. Do you have the same right to a payoff if you leave of your own volition? Without knowing anything about law, I can't understand how you would automatically be entitled to that unless it was a Keegan-esque constructive dismissal case.
  21. Probably for the best. The football played was fucking guff, which is fine if you're winning games and doing it well but there was never a sustained period of good results for him to build a protection against that criticism. I just hope he's not quit over an absolute minter of another tinpot fuckup Morton have made. Won't hold my breathe though.
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