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  1. November 2014 https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/14017719.partnership-sees-hockey-club-unite-with-morton/
  2. Morton’s by far the best in the league I’ve watched. I’ve made a few tweets on the topic when we play away, it makes you appreciate how well ours is doing…Inverness worthy of last place in my opinion, but I didn’t spend the £18 to watch us at Hearts.
  3. 8th vs 9th, no manager for both teams.... 0-0 or a 10 goal thriller here, no inbetween
  4. More Morton than Celtic recently for sure, I used to try ask him why he’d changed this time but been too hard to track it
  5. I’m Callum… Niall is a Celtic fan from Greenock who changes his flair to Morton every time there’s a Celtic embarrassment
  6. Was a few tweets about us signing him before he posted that... wouldn’t think of it as confirmation more just acknowledging the rumours
  7. Agreed, some clarity on what he actually does would be welcomed. In terms of PR we’re a disaster.
  8. If Gerry is head of PR would it not be acceptable to say that we should be hearing more from the club about the players who have left, fixture rearrangements and personnel changes that have happened? I admit I enjoy him and Andy as the duo on commentary but unless there’s a misunderstanding about his role within the club it seems like he’s lacking edit to add that we’re finding out about our player injuries from the Inverness newspaper
  9. Why he was even in the starting line up I'm not sure... in for some game now
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