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  1. Is there any actual reasoning behind the photo with a turkish barber?
  2. I phoned up this morning, took less than 2 minutes
  3. I sent an email asking about the possibility of a release of the 1874 training jumpers players have been wearing since returning but didn’t get a reply. Think they’d have sold well
  4. Charlie Adam signs for Dundee
  5. Just found it. Oh boy that’s tragic
  6. Is this not just trophies site in anyway an official site?
  7. Even searching for the new Nesbitt interview - the first 3 results were from the old account. Don’t get it
  8. Posted to a new Ton Tv channel rather than the Greenock Morton YouTube which has 1.5 subs is a strange one
  9. Killies analyst posted this from their tactic cam, if it’s the same system then it seems good
  10. Interesting set up... unmanned and automated cameras
  11. I like Gerry and don’t want to sound ignorant here but what’s the actual deal with him? Where did he come from... what’s his connection to us and what makes him qualified for the role he’s taken on with us?
  12. Queen of the South due a 6 figure sell on for Dykes going to QPR
  13. Huge fan of playing it off as a mystery kit rather than shoddy marketing, the guys got brains
  14. Could’ve been in the works from before lockdown - there’s photos of Salkeld in a kit and he’s been in Newcastle since football stopped Shocking that today’s kit is the third variant of it weve now been shown, would like to know if Gerry has already taken over the twitter and website posting.
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