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  1. They shouldn't need to manually enable the code/disable the ST every week; it should be super simple that one cannot work if the other has been redeemed. The wording on the website sells it as clear as day, if you can't make Cappielow you can still tune in, no mention of emailing the day before "The club will be committing to running a streaming service for the coming season and as part of your season ticket, if you are unable to attend the game, you will be able to tune in to a stream online." The only positive i can see is as mentioned, this hassle puts o
  2. I passed this Saturday morning as they were about to begin, not a single mask in the queue and no distancing in this council organised event
  3. Disastrous that we still don’t have kits available in my opinion, even as far up as the playing squad. Anecdotal of course, but I had a pal ask me where you can buy the new tops after he saw the reveal and wanted to get one for his wee brothers birthday… had to explain to him that we don’t actually have them ready to buy until the end of August.
  4. They had volunteers in painting the yellow safety lining on the stairs etc a few weeks back
  5. A stream with no commentary as well
  6. “With these measures in place, it is our hope that the home tie against East Kilbride on Tuesday night will still go ahead as planned.” Not sure I can see this happening
  7. MCT statement off the back of the teles back page today
  8. In case anyone also got an email saying their ST is cancelled
  9. Don’t want to think too much into the game but my god it was horrible
  10. Smiths have the launch date as 28th August, but of a shame but as mentioned I guess that comes with the process of dealing with a small company edit to add - looks like 14th for the first kit and 28th for the third
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