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Coming on expecting to read that Crawford has trousered the grant money or that Cameron Blues actually does have nudes of Hopkin's wife that he had been blackmailing him with in exchange for new contr

So, it was a slow news day at the Smelly Tele then? And what have we learned from this story?  Absolutely nothing. Don't forget to read tomorrow's Tele, where a guy with tattooed knuckles wi

Fair enough. Let's get the outlandish guesses started. My guess is that we've spent the Scottish Government grant money on magic beans.

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15 minutes ago, pink_panther said:

Probably some daft players breaking the Covid rules

Aye I thought this too. 

There's a storm on the horizon

And for that I can't see the sun

For I'll keep a waiting on the pavement

For the ice cream van to come

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Would the Club have to forfeit the tie for a breach of Covid rules? Got a bad feeling about this news!

In saying that, would be preferential to having to forfeit a league match during this already shortened campaign. Getting to the end of the season whole as a Championship side best we can hope for prior to the likely change of ownership, would be expecting us to have a right go at Arbroath and Dunfermline at home next week. No reason shouldn't aim for 4-6 points.

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"In a country lacerated by the sharp shards of broken brown-eyed promises, in a world bent low by the burden of disease, war and the price of Thunderbird, who is left to make full account of God and Britain's depleted moral mini bar? Yes, it's the surprising adventures of me, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar!"


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Time to go, Dave 👋

Asking to be paid off with a few months wages or he goes to the press. You could say it's an ultimatum but can think of another word for it with different consequences.

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Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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Just when you thought this club couldn't be anymore of a shambles.

If MacKinnon is doing all those roles and now the Rae's/MCT/whoever are messing him about with regards to his contract then I hope he does go to the press.  The sooner the Rae's are exposed nationally for their shambolic running of a football club for nearly 2 decades the better.

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here today, gone to hell

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Why must Morton always feel the need to Morton. 

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Good people will do good things, bad people will do bad things, but only with religion do good people do bad things!



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This comment has been removed. Please refrain from commenting on ongoing legal cases or naming person(s) involved. 



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I'd love to have you both for dinner
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