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He hasn’t, he’s moved to Dundee.

Or an Iron Man’s idea of a fact. What games did he miss when he was on strike, what were the conditions attaching to the cancellation of his contract and how long did the negotiations for that take?

Or more appropriately bedroom bunny caring just enough to go to reactiogif.org and download yet another humourless image. If you and the clique really must bore the arse off everyone with images of co

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Talking of which, where is he now?

Seems to be doing well in Ireland. Can’t mind the name but I’m sure they handed him a 2 year deal shortly after impressing in his first few matches.

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Doesn't fall into the same category as the other two for me.


We treated him poorly and clearly he had to take whichever offer was available to him and you just knew the snake would offer him something.

Apart from the last few games he was generally Sh.te
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Pepper was a player I really quite liked and was gutted with how things went for him. Glad to hear he’s doing well elsewhere. Definitely had more about him than Telfer in my opinion.

He's still only 25, I was surprised by that.

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Not a former player as he never signed in the end but Todorov has somehow signed for Inverness.


The desperation for anything that resembles a targetman at this level leads to some absolute donkeys sticking around far longer than they have any right to.

Good people will do good things, bad people will do bad things, but only with religion do good people do bad things!



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