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  1. If teams are skint, you wonder why Saturday games aren’t kicking off early when fans can’t get in, so that the floodlights don’t need to be turned on.
  2. He was chuffed he scored a good goal, and he was subbed at 3-0, can’t see the problem.
  3. So the Scotland calendar does that shite where they stick the women footballers in with the men, just like their Twitter page.
  4. To the grown men buying calendars with footballers on every page, you do know you can get ones with the likes of Mila Kunis and Kelly Brook in various states of undress.
  5. I’ll never understand Morton fans that are happy to see St Mirren beat anyone.
  6. Who decided you can’t be a good footballer if you’re a cheat, drug addict and criminal? Some of the best have been all of the above.
  7. Not really interesting is it?
  8. Andy and Gerry saying there would’ve been 6-7,000 at Cappielow today. If fans were allowed in. Doubt it.
  9. Wonder if the game will be on Hearts TV as well, because I notice the Hibs v St Johnstone game was on both of their channels last night.
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