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  1. BBC Scotland most Fridays.
  2. Went into smiths yesterday, not keen on the 3rd top at all. Why isn’t the sponsor in the strip like the home and away one? Home top is better up close than I thought it would be.
  3. Morton are a fucking farce.
  4. If there’s not an app or something to allow me to watch it on my tv I’ll not be purchasing any games. Not paying however much it is to watch a game on a laptop or phone.
  5. They’d better not moan about being skint then.
  6. Have the BBC picked their first batch of live games yet?
  7. I didn’t give my work a 2nd thought when I was furloughed.
  8. The current home top has been the best for a while imo.
  9. Doesn’t exactly scream buy me does it?
  10. You’re Still Using Capital Letters For No Reason.
  11. Only pity is Hearts hadn’t beat the Scum by a few goals the other month and we could be laughing at them possibly going down by goal difference.
  12. Wonder if season ticket holders will be entitled to money back?
  13. You shouldn’t really have done that the last couple of Saturdays.
  14. Big? He’s 5-11.Or do you know something else about him?
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