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  1. Had a wee look on Smiths website, and they’ve got quite a lot of new additions, but 25 quid for a beach towel is taking the piss.
  2. Good way to encourage the supporters of the future. Hope they get in anyway, they seemed excited talking about Morton the same way I was at that age.
  3. Was in smiths there to see if the quality of tops was any better than last time, unfortunately only medium had 4 pulls on it, so they’ll not be getting my money for that. I then overheard 4 wee guys in the queue who were talking about how good it was winning on pens the other night, and how they were looking forward to tomorrows game. They went to buy tickets, when the shop assistant told them with glee that under 12’s needed an adult to buy tickets. So I done what any decent person would do and got the tickets for them. What sort of way is that for Morton to treat the next generation of supporters?
  4. Can’t remember tbh, was more the third top I looked at because of the state of it.
  5. Saw the new tops in the window of Smiths yesterday, stitching on the 3rd top looks like a five year old done it, and the home top doesn’t look as good as in the pics, hope they’re not the finished product. Also noticed there was 2 different versions of the yellow away top in the shop, different est 1874 logos.
  6. That’s what the pyramid system is all about. Some of those teams have been languishing at the bottom of the lowest tier for years knowing they couldn’t get relegated. Fuck them.
  7. Wand of a left foot. Looked like he was towing a caravan right enough.
  8. So the Scotland calendar does that shite where they stick the women footballers in with the men, just like their Twitter page.
  9. To the grown men buying calendars with footballers on every page, you do know you can get ones with the likes of Mila Kunis and Kelly Brook in various states of undress.
  10. It’s obviously not. It’s not guilty either, so I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be saying it online.
  11. They’d better not moan about being skint then.
  12. You’re Still Using Capital Letters For No Reason.
  13. Big? He’s 5-11.Or do you know something else about him?
  14. No doubt the totally worthwhile rainbow laces campaign will be coming up soon as well.
  15. Nope, it was the morning of the Hearts v Gretna cup final.
  16. Don’t think it was in August, I’m sure the final was the same day as the Scottish cup final.
  17. How are the Wanderers getting on nowadays?
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