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  1. Goal scorer and nice guy to bootGood luck Bob and all the best from the ton
  2. Watched the Stranraer game 2015 this afternoon After the Brechin defeat at home I honestly thought we had blown it but this win and the last few games will always stay in my memory I’ve said it many time before but McManus won us that championship and for that he should always be held in the highest regard by our supporters
  3. Pars 1 up after thistle missed a penalty in the first half
  4. Great goal by last years saviour Kiltie last night
  5. The best result we could have hoped for
  6. Just your opinion Champ nothing more
  7. Not revisionism at all ChampThe guy was our player of the season ran up and down the pitch and busted a gut for the team Went to Queens because he couldn’t wait on ton giving a him a new deal
  8. Agree however he was brilliant for us in his last season
  9. And yet the guy who single handedly got us promotion still gets hounded on here....
  10. Nothing to fear whatsoever Just confirms that if we had had a half decent manager we would easily be lurking in the top 4
  11. 2-0 not the best result for us but Dundee woeful
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