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  1. Out now mcpherson. Complete fkn failure of a manager. The football's absolute shite sooner he's punted the better.
  2. TTG gus That was absolutely fkn rotten from first to last whistle. Special mention to Muirhead how the fk that clown keeps starting and stealing a wage is beyond me.
  3. That was fkn shite the second and third goals ffs jesus wept. Get some fkn players in before next week or its going to be a long fkn season.
  4. Should be a perfect fit as he's going to a club that seem to think they're bigger and better than they are. And if that's his attitude they'll be well suited.
  5. That's absolutely fkn tinpot. How the fk did those shit shows pass quality checks. Who the fk at morton accepted that shite it's an absolute embarrassment. Cunts need emptied for this shit or we can forget anything ever changing at morton.
  6. First and foremost I hope he makes as good a recovery as possible from such a serious illness and massive operation. Secondly I'm not sure he or his family would want you telling this forum what his illness is. That's a private matter untill such times as he/his family decide otherwise.
  7. That's all well and good but feguson didn't go in stating this n that would be achieved by a certain date so that is at the very least a poor example.
  8. See that's where I disagree these initial mistakes should never have been made in the first place. Some on the mct board have been fans for a long time by there own admission. They've seen the levels of incompetence first hand for 20 years at this club n have continued in that vein by not hitting the ground running just about everything has been delayed tops tickets takeover n the silence is deafening from a communications point aswell.
  9. I think the point is mct should never have announced a takeover date when it wasn't set in stone. As you've said things can drag off course pretty quickly in deals so it's was stupid to say it's done by this date or that which now leaves fans asking questions as to there competence in getting other things done.
  10. Pity you can only up vote once. That was an excellent read pretty much spot on. Let's make sure Chris gets the reception he deserves before and after the game and that the new board can get a decent testimonial sorted for him. We've had our fair share of complete fkn arseholes play for us time we actually gave one of the decent one's a proper send off. After morton pump EK obviously.
  11. Really that's good for the managers mate. I don't know anyone on here and generally call it as i read it if there's a green dot/red dot that's absolutely fine not everyone will agree thats just life. But having seen your reply to my post I'd say most people on here think you are a cunt and I'd have to agree now after your bawbag comment.
  12. Your clearly fishing and had a few bites. I have to be honest though your just coming across as a tedious cunt.
  13. Glad they've offered the discount to members n the incentive is there to join. Get at least a preview of the the new home top on a marquee signing n take our money how hard can it be. In all seriousness it will probably take two or three quality signings to catch the imagination again after blues muirhead n lithgow. It was quality over quantity we were told so let's be signing some soon.
  14. He can take every out of contract failure at the club for all I care. The place needs emptied even if we stay up.
  15. That would be his dad not his uncle.
  16. I'd be clearing most. Only keeps for me would be madams strapp lyon ledger(maybe) Jacobs Colville mcguffie n fjortoff although I think he's burnt his bridges after his tweets everyone else fired right into the Clyde
  17. No more anything let Crawford and GC drown in the shit they've created. Withdraw all funding with immediate effect I'm sure him n his fkn GC board might start playing ball. If not let the more lucrative third party if they even existed step in n take the shit deal he's offering.
  18. The other option should be telling Crawford and GC to go fuck themselves.
  19. Sounds like a prick n comes across like a prick but you cant help think there's a hint of truth in how tinpot morton are.
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