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  1. Kiltie, Lamie, Murdoch, Cadden, Rogers, Nesbit and Tumilty would be tremendous. What's happening with Jack Baird would like to keep him too?
  2. Unless we steal a march on other teams thinking exactly the same and manage to get a better quality of player signed up than we would be able to otherwise, it's a gamble.
  3. Any update on this? Would be excellent if they could get him signed up, I'm also wondering if this could be an opportunity to maybe pickup a quality player or two in the chaos that will ensue when contracts run out? We're not exactly swimming in cash but there's an income stream there from MCT that could maybe be used to give an offer to a player like Gunning who maybe looking for some job security in an uncertain market? If the existing contracts are covered by the furlough scheme the MCT money could give us an advantage over competitors, could be a gamble worth taking. I know everything is very uncertain but I feel that with reconstruction next season a possibility we really need to ensure we're top 4 at the very least.
  4. The points gap between 1st to 2nd is bigger than the gap between 2nd and 10th. This league is comprised of 9 shit teams and one average one.
  5. Dodgy looking penalty to level it there
  6. If he's desperate enough to sign a contract could we not offer him something for next season with a retainer to tide him over until then? It may be more expensive than waiting for him to be free but he might accept reduced terms if we pay him during his downtime. Reading between the lines he's desperate to sign a deal and doubt anyone else will gamble on him.
  7. Official site reporting games off too
  8. Kilbirnie ladeside I think, saw him playing against Pollok last season and he's struggling in the juniors. You only get two touches in the juniors it's like pinball at 100 miles an hour.
  9. Along with Buchanan, Doyle, McManus, MacLean, Johnstone and Mckinlay for Linlithgow
  10. V Yeah so supplement Thistle's current budget by £1.8 and see what kind of quality it would get, who's talking about Rangers? I'm talking about competing with Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Hamilton etc
  11. The interest alone on his winnings would support a Premiership side never mind a struggling Championship one, expect to see Partick slowly climb the table and get promoted. The money required to assemble a squad to win this league will be washers ro him.
  12. Eh!? there's only two plastic pitches out of the 10 teams in the league.
  13. How long was left on his contract?
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