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    I see CFB has chucked in his 'heartfelt' eulogy on Twitter, quoting Ewan's tweet. The very person who paved the way for his departure from the club by scabbing his role during the lockdown. Utterly shameless, narcissistic and vile behaviour from Callum. But we knew all of that already.
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    Coming soon - Panelists Dean McKinnon, Craig Dunning, Louise Rodgers, Evan McFarlane, Ewan Boyle and Cammy Middleton give their views on all things Morton. Keep your eyes peeled for match previews/reactions, feature topics and guest interviews.
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    Where the fuck did this shite patter come from? Its called 'The Wee Dublin End' and has been called that for over a hundred years now. If anyone has got a problem getting that into their heads then they can fuck off back to being a lesser Celtic superfan.
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    To be honest, apart from some of Gerry’s stuff (I’m not condoning it, but that’s Gerry) I can’t remember anything that’s been downright abusive towards him. He’s been asked some very difficult questions and had his integrity called into question on a number of occasions, but his actions have vindicated that line of questioning. I’ve made two, possibly three enemies out of this whole scenario and saw one of them the other day alluding to borderline bullying, which I take exception to. My initial concern was that if the club were going to give an opportunity to a young, aspiring sports journalist/broadcaster, they should be looking within the support for that, and it’s something there is no shortage of. Cammy that’s joining the podcast you’re on for example has only recently completed a Sports Journalism degree and previously reported on youth team games when Jonathan was in charge of the social media output. But his behaviour, and downright lies, that he’s been pulled up on so many times over the last six months or so, have left him in this position, nothing else. This is a boy that nobody knew of who suddenly appeared claiming to support Morton until the skeletons came out, shat on our doorstep by screwing over one of our own and then cried mental health because of the reaction he got. I’m sorry, but he’s made his bed, he can lie in it. I know that when we go back to games I’m going to have some unpleasant conversations with a few folk, something I’ll just have to deal with. Likewise, Callum will just have to accept that his actions have resulted in his unpopularity, and he’ll have to take responsibility for them instead of crying about the bully boys who were out to get the poor wee primary school teacher with mental health issues. He treated Ewan Boyle despicably and he knows it. I’d like to think that he’ll disappear from view now in much the same way that Gordon and Ernie’s absence have made this forum a much more pleasant environment in recent months, but I suspect he’ll find a way to thrust himself into the limelight at some point in the near future. Until then, I’m delighted that his blocking of myself has cleaned my Twitter feed up of his embarrassing arse kissing of anyone with a remote link to Scottish football and shite about Connah’s Quay Nomads and Chester City in spite of me having never actually followed him. So I owe him that debt of gratitude at least.
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    They aren't technical gurus give them a break.
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    As someone who hasn't signed up to MCT, it's really reassuring to see this and I think it's brilliant that they're calling the club out for their shite.
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    I can just imagine everyone checking their phone at the same time to read the announcement "someone's having a jobby, so avoid the toilets".
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    So, fast forward six months. Ewan Boyle has been relieved of his duties, we now have a full time head of media who is dealing with the cmmentary and a voluntary role opened up for someone to do the Twitter updates. In fact, no- it didn't actually open up, not publically at least. Could that be because they had a candidate waiting in the wings to do the job as predicted by some on here? I hate to say I told you so, but...
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    MCT are in a difficult situation. If their relationship with the club sours then presumably all manner of wrenches could be thrown into the takeover machine. From the outside looking in, it also seems that they have a genuinely good relationship with the club and there is mutual appreciation between them. They aren't a body who immediately rush to issue statements whenever something minor comes up. They've been supportive - perhaps to a fault - of the current setup at Cappielow. Definitely not a bunch of complainers or statement factories. So for them to issue such a statement, one so factual but also so clearly disappointed with tonight's undertaking, needs to be taken crystal fucking clearly by the Morton brass. MacKinnon may be able to shrug off people giving them pelters on Twitter as just super-fans being mad on the internet. In such a case they can say, "och, it's hard, this streaming stuff, it's just one of those things, gies a break, we'll get it right next time." But if MCT, the knights in shining armor for the current regime, say it? Then the club need to listen. They need to be humble. They need to coolly and honestly accept that MCT are correct: this snafu was not only unacceptable but clearly and obviously foreseeable. The club failed to account for a proper test case. They club failed to listen to the blaring alarm bells that many people (including MCT) had been setting off. The club blithely assumed, for the billionth time this year, that everything would just be fine and people needed to relax. Kudos to MCT for saying what they needed to at a time like this, and with a good balance of the professionalism of their organization but also the disappointment of supporters.
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    Writing "Wee Dub" should be a sacking offence.
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    Fun career facts: the entire last decade of Scott McLaughlin's 'career' was spent yo-yoing between the third and fourth tiers of the seaside leagues, with the singular exception of 2011/12 in which he got relegated from the second tier with a hopeless Queen of the South outfit, who punted him in the summer and promptly went on to romp the Second Division. Since being rightly emptied from The Famous in 2008, McLaughlin got relegated in every season that he subsequently played in the second tier (Airdrie x2, Queen of the South), also got relegated from the third tier with Albion Rovers in 2018 and even contrived to bottle two further play-offs in the fourth tier with Peterhead and Clyde. We are truly losing a giant of the Scottish game: goodnight sweet prince. x
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    Johansson’s new charges lost 3-1 at home to FC Lahti in his first game. That’ll be Jean started blocking those Finnish Twitter accounts already, then.
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    Agree with the refund calls- there has to be refunds issued as standard. Not as credit for the Queen’s Park game, no begging bowl out saying we’re strangling the club of their only source of income if we want our money back, no sympathy votes, nothing. Over the summer they’ve asked to keep our season ticket money from last season, and as far as I know most folk have been okay with that. They’ve ran staffing down to a minimum through the pandemic instead of speculating to accumulate, they’ve told of their plans to retain the club’s only major asset when it’s sold onto MCT, they’ve asked us to buy season tickets even though there’s a chance we won’t get into games, they’ve asked us to shell out for streams that we warned them would likely fail and duly did. The sympathy card has been used far too often now, it’s about time we got the same commitment from the club as they’re asking from us. If it costs Cutbacks Crawford a few quid then tough shit. Tesco wouldn’t put up with him supplying them a crap batch of sweeties and it’s about time we stopped putting up with it just because it’s Morton. Can only really reiterate what everyone else said about the actual footage. Gherry and Andy were fine in commentary. A few mistakes here and there and some shite patter thrown in for a bit of flavour, but you get that from every commentary team. Never mind failing to test the stream properly, what about the unmanned camera? That should’ve been tested at the Livingston game last week, but all we saw was a replay of Slakeld’s goal from the “Wee Dub”. Whilst Crawford’s disinterest in the club is one of the major factors here, MacKinnon also has to look at his role. He’s cut things to an absolute minimum to the extent that he’s doing most of it himself. I don’t doubt he’s putting in long hours and that it’s a bit of a thankless task at times, but if you take the decision to run things with minimal help and a reduced range of skills, you’ll get found out sooner rather than later. This is just another turnstiles fiasco. They’ve put something together without due diligence and just decided that “that’ll do” rather than asking how they can do it right. Lo and behold, the cracks have appeared immediately. More than three years later there are still loads of flaws with the turnstiles, would anyone expect any different from the streams if MCT don’t start holding folk to account the way the current regime haven’t?
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    How's that love of putting one over The Famous working out for those cunts right now? Perhaps they should focus on getting one over no-mark minnows like 'Clyde' in their bid to avoid relegation to the fourth tier of Scottish football first and then only speaking to their superiors like ourselves when told to, which will of course be 'never'. And Welsh wasn't even 'one of our own young players': he was a loanee from another club who was shite when he played for us and is shite when he plays for Celtic under their own shite manager. Other than all of that though, a solid 0/10 contribution from yourself and a merited rd;dh.
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    I'd agree it probably is time to draw a line in that he's said he won't be attending Cappielow, so that's nipped in the bud and we can move on from the unsavoury episode without this turning into a pile-on as opposed to fans asking justifiable questions about who's working for the club and why. However as we wrap it up, I thought it was worth highlighting the extreme similarity between these match reports, one of which he definitely couldn't have written because he wasn’t performing any role for Morton. https://cfbfootball.com/2020/10/09/the-new-normal-morton-vs-queen-of-the-south/ https://www.gmfc.net/morton-2-2-queen-of-the-south-qos-win-4-2-on-penalties/
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    Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, Callum. We know you’re reading 👍🏻
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    Callum seemed to insinuate in a few carefully worded tweets last night that he was at Cappielow on media duty. Why then, was he wearing a red lanyard, which was the same as the commentary team, while every other journalist who was inside the ground was wearing a yellow lanyard? Notice from these photos that media guys such as Des McKeown are wearing yellow lanyards, but CFB and Dave MacKinnon are in red lanyards. He's scabbing and obviously thinks we're too thick to notice.
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    Typical, you wait for a Morton-Alloa Championship fixture all day, then two come along at once.
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    Former ‘Ton keeper Samuel Ramsbottom stars in plucky FalkirKKK’s narrow 0-1 defeat to local behemoths East Stirlingshire at the FalkirKKK Council Stadium.
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    Sorry. I made the mistake of presuming that Morton had thought somethings through. Won't happen again!
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    It is nice to have a presenter that is clearly passionate and knowledgable about his club, though.
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    ok guy,s is bob mchugh at club.
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    Gerry McDade’s patter is absolutely chronic.
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    I can only presume him dropping three bottles of Bud on the floor was the giveaway.
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    Not answering this on MCT's behalf at all but that depends on conducting a sober cost-benefit analysis of running an academy system for the first time in its existence. In the heady blue skies and helicopter thinking days of the Geordie and his Trust mates, we were of course told that the club would be paying nothing at all to build and maintain the setup and this was of course utter bollocks. Our setup subsequently failed to get into the credible bracket of academies that are massively subsidised under the hugely flawed Project Brave scheme to the detriment of any independent competitor. When even the likes of Hibs are rumoured to be putting their youth setup at least on hiatus for the coming season, it's worth questioning whether it's both i) sustainable and ii) rational to keep our own system going when there won't be a pound going spare on other priorities any time soon. The youth players that break through to the first team still in time require professional wages like any other first team signing would: unless there's a queue of suitors waiting to snap them up for a transfer fee then it acheives little tangible value in itself. The MCT statement has indicated that it values the 'they'll support one of their own' argument, which won't be applicable if 'our own' are getting shoed by fucking Montrose on a regular basis. That said, there should be at least equal concern raised about the largely lazy, rent a jobber merry-go-round system that clubs of our size have been using for years. That lower-Championship standard players like Darren Jamieson (Arbroath GK), Paul Paton, Darian McKinnon etc. are instead dropping all the way down to stupid wee outfits in the fifth to seventh tiers in their droves this summer signals a major shift in preferences towards overall financial security versus playing at the appropriate level among professional footballers. As we've also seen ourselves with McHugh's utterly pathetic choice of fourth tier football with King Snake. The bottom of the established full-time footballer market in Scotland is collapsing, which was probably inevitable but has been accelerated by the impact of the pandemic. If/when MCT acquire the reins, identifying a new transfer strategy based on hard-headed reason rather than blind attachment to either of the above models has to be the top priority.
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    A really interesting read, many thanks for posting this. I have to admit that I was possibly the fiercest critic of both MCT and Graham McLennan, but I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged by what I have seen/read over the past few days. They have managed to do within the space of little over a year what the GMST were unable to do in nearly twenty years - despite the GMST having countless fundraising events throughout that period plus several representatives on the GMFC board etc. Also, with regards to the Rae Family who have came in for a fair amount of criticism over the years, but credit has to be given to them for turning down a more 'lucrative offer' in favour of MCT. The identity of those behind the 'lucrative' offer is unknown, probably due to non-disclosure clauses etc. However there have been 'local businessmen' with a dubious reputation circling the club for several years now. Their presence was most likely to be off-putting to other potential suitors however credit where it's due to Mrs Rae for preferring the supporters ahead of some local villains who were considered to be 'the only show in town' and inevitable incumbents by so many Morton supporters. I'm personally delighted it's not them who are taking over Morton. Finally, the future is ours to make. It's the start of a journey. Along the way there will be personality clashes, attention seekers, gloryhunters etc. But there will also be a lot of good, honest, well meaning Morton supporters doing the best for the club. If others can do it, why can't we? With this in mind, it's time for a giant leap of faith - I'm finally signing up. The ownership of the stadium remains an issue of concern, but I'm sure that can be overcome. It may be that public funding, grants etc. May be available to facilitate the purchase of the stadium for community purposes - one things for sure is those third sector gravy train types will know what's what in that regards.
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    If you're sceptical then why not write down your concerns and ask MCT to address them? Its in none of our interests to sit back and watch this fail
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    Ships both goals, gets slaughtered by Gordon Strachan at half-time for being hopelessly out of his depth and subbed off at half time. A stunning victory for DOT over the boo boys!
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    And here we have, under the letter J, we've got Jean Johannson, there is Junior football and Jai Quitongo - yes, he's still there.
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    Refund or we riot. Taking pity only leads to further complacency. Its not good enough.
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    Just realised we scored a goal without that guy whistling in the background for the first time since 1998.
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    It's good that signing up is possible now, but it's still so shambolic. The only reason any of us know is people stumbling on it by accident when looking at the shop on the website. If they want people to be buying it they should have been screaming from the rooftops that it's now on sale here with a link on every form of social media and a message on the front page of the website. Instead the latest update is that they'll let us know how to stream "well in advance of kick off". That update is accessed from a news section which sits beneath a message that our next match is against Alloa on 17th October. They have a load of our email addresses as well, they should be pushing it to everyone whose details they have, but that's asking a bit much when they can’t even get a tweet or the information on their own website right. Similarly, if they need big numbers to take part in these test events last night and tonight so it's a comparable test for the platform, they should be getting pushed widely to everyone who's willing to buy. How much of a test is it going to be if you only get 25 people who've stumbled on it by accident registering for the test when you could have had hundreds if you just bothered your arse to advertise it? Then again, we might not get more than 25 buying it with all they've done to promote it. This is a new level of incompetence. I never thought I'd be saying this, but it's not only a step backwards in competence from Warren Hawke - who made his own position untenable through repeated gross incompetence - it's bigger commerical incompetence than we've seen at all in the 19 years of Golden Casket's tenure. When we effectively had no commercial presence whatsoever 10 years ago and were making season tickets available only about a month before the season started, it wasn't as amateurish and downright laughable as this.
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    “We need money” “Can I buy the new training gear?” ”no” 🤣🤣🤣
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    They’d better not moan about being skint then.
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    Not seen a mention anywhere, but on today’s Off The Ball, the question was asked as to who Scottish football’s most bitter fans are and Tam Cowan cited us and the Raymond McKinnon scenario. This might not be the most appropriate thread for pointing that out, but I take a sense of pride in that.
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    I was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of a new site as I totally agree the site wasn't really fit for purpose - it never was, having hired their first communications employee after a site was designed (taking into account particular features would be pointless without having people to update). I think it also lacked in some other areas - it maybe needed some work to allow more advertising, some more prominence for match-day info and commercial activities, some enhancements to thrown-together sections like the fixtures page, and most importantly, a solution to stop info like season ticket information getting lost in the archives after a week. In terms of the tech it could've done with a bit of performance optimisation and certainly needed accessibility issues addressed. For all the previous site's faults (the 'one person on the site at a time' policy aside), I'd say for the most part it looked professional - it just needed some adjustments to be more of an effective tool for the club. The new site is indeed a build-your-own-website WordPress theme (https://elementor.com/) that's been dumped on to the old site - it might look a bit different, but it's pretty much the same thing. Maybe there's more to come and I'll get put in my place - which would be great - but I'm a little miffed on first impressions. Would be keen to know exactly what problems the new site is solving as it's been getting bigged up for a while as a bit of a game changer.
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    Cubicles humming a shite so go for a pie first 👍🏻
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    ^^^^^ This is all shite patter.
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    Andy Murdoch has signed a new two year deal at Ayr. After releasing him to make room for the number of midfielders coming in two summers ago we've seen McAlister improving over his time at the club, but we got one good season out of Millar before he went off a cliff last season and about one good game out of Telfer, who is now languishing at his level in League One. Over those two seasons we've ended up with Dylan Dykes and Cameron Blues getting games. Releasing Murdoch was possibly the worst thing Raymond did in his time here.
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    Except on the club's official channels where the result of a whisky raffle takes top billing.
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    While this is true, we need also to take stock of the SPFL's first fan-owned club - Stirling Albion - who have spent the entire decade since as a basketcase irrelevance even by their club's modest history before that. And that's at a level where if the worst came to the worst (at least before the pyramid opened up a bit) you could just run as a glorified social club for years until you sorted things out off the park. A club of this size operating in a stadium like Cappielow simply cannot afford a similar drop down a level for a decade as a new ownership model finds its feet. There are definite pitfalls to community ownership when done badly and I don't think that some of them can even be anticipated yet: some mistakes will be discovered when mistakes are made in the job. Even if done well it's going to require a degree of patience that does not come easily to the fanbase of any football team along the way, as well as serious oversight. If you managed to write that while keeping a straight face then you deserve an Academy Award.
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    Sustainability under community ownership might mean we end up at the same level as Airdrie, Clyde or Falkirk. However other clubs around us are going to need to wake up to the same reality. Inverness, Dundee, QoS etc will fare no better. MCT are going to have to find significant income sources for this to work in the long term. But since we know who will own the club from here I will be happy to increase my contributions to give it the best shot. Hopefully other people who are able will do so as well, and others who were skeptical of joining will now see a better reason to get involved.
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    Might just be me, but what a great advert for MCT taking over the club. The more people that pledge, the sooner we can get new owners and a properly run club that listens to its supporters and actively engages with its local community. Tonight was absolutely farcical and sadly absolutely predictable. It really, really shouldn't be this hard.
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    You'd think, like most normal businesses, there'd be regular meetings about a project such as this, ticking off deliverables/action trackers before launching something as significant as a website supposedly capable of streaming games and by all accounts all sing and dancing. Surely to fuck we've got someone with genuine experience in launching a website to make sure there's no glitches/typos/outdated information prior to launch (clearly not). Maybe they'll launch it, sit back and wait for a roasting on here or twitter before fixing things. Retrospectively as they always do! I'm just about done with how much of a clowncar outfit we are. Even missing football during this pandemic doesn't really inspire me to go stand at a freezing cold cappielow (when permitted) tbh. SAD!
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    That was a common myth started in the 13/14 season when people were desperately looking for reasons why our form would turn around rather than accepting that we were fucked as we fell further and further back. Those who didn't want to accept the reality of the situation saw they had no argument based on what was happening on the pitch, so resorted to something unquantifiable. 'McKee's the Tidser replacement in this team, he's the playmaker who's going to make it tick, he started the season well, when he's fit we'll be fine' was typical of the straw clutching on display. In reality that Falkirk game was only the second league game and fourth game of the season overall. The three games prior to his injury were a 1-0 defeat at League Two Annan, a 6-2 AET win at League One East Fife where he was subbed in normal time before our flurry of extra time goals and a 2-0 win at home to Cowdenbeath. There was nothing in there to suggest he was ever making a significant difference to that shitfest of a team. At Falkirk he went off injured after 38 minutes at 0-0 then we were 2-0 down at half-time so it was easy to say McKee went off then we collapsed but correlation =/= causation. It was just that defence doing what it was always going to do regardless of McKee being on the pitch. As the inadequacies of the likes of Cham, Hands, Peciar and Habai were quickly exposed everyone latched all their pre-season positivity onto McKee, who unlike the others wasn't having it exposed as nonsense through watching him every week. It happens at every club, but despite not being out for all that long in the grand scheme of things compared to someone like Stephen Stirling, McKee was biggest beneficiary we've ever had of a player getting better in the collective imagination of the support with every week he spent injured.
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    Interstadia are still advertising the 2019-2020 season ticket, and still haven't upgraded their registration system to be https. One of MCT's first orders of business needs to be getting out of whatever disastrous deal we have with Interstadia and starting again.
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    Do we even want to change a football club that does stuff like this? The predictable incompetence is almost half the fun by now.
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    Folk on that Fans Facebook group will now have a say in how we’re run. We’re doomed.

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