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Match Thread - Morton vs QOTS (Championship 19th December)


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2 minutes ago, irnbru said:

Gives MCT a clean slate to start from I suppose. 

This is probably the case and the right thing to do, unless a new permanent manager was to be put in place with MCTs full agreement. Gives Midge a chance to show whether he’s ready to step up to it.

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1 minute ago, Cappiecat 1.2 said:

Stream working for you guys?

Yes. Good stream so far.

"Any nation given the opportunity to regain its national sovereignty and which then rejects it is so far beneath contempt that it is hard to put words to it."

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Clear foul in the build up but I’ll take that.

Mon the Ton!

McGhee needs some support, there's no-one backing him up.
Hayes playing it forward, Bell being forced to do it all alone, now forward from Marr, here's Ritchie, still Andy Ritchie, look at the control...

That is a marvellous goal from Andy Ritchie. Twenty minutes on the clock and Morton's supporters come alive. A goal which epitomises the control, the arrogance, the cheek of Andy Ritchie.

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