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  1. That was one fucking sweet tackle though, worth the red!
  2. Why are they even out there? Apart from the reason that they are absolute cunts of course.
  3. 2points now with that last min equaliser from Dunf. The important thing now though is we are 9 clear of Queens in 10th
  4. YASSS! Important win. Felt like we did enough to deserve the points tbh. And tbf to Muirhead it was 2 good crosses for the goal.
  5. He's better than Muirhead. Would like to see him on for Muirhead for the 2nd half. Their defence looks vulnerable, get him & McPake running at them.
  6. Gotta hope that at least 2 out of Queens, Alloa and Arbroath keep struggling for wins this season. Looking like a 4 way relegation battle the way its going so far.
  7. Morton, like that. Andy Ritchie, like that.
  8. 😂 class! Fair play to Easdale, got the best line in it. Laughed at Orsi's bit aswell.
  9. His time at Bradford was a disaster granted, but those results don't show that managing in the SPL with Livi went well beyond Hopkin at all. There's no way of knowing how he would have faired and as you say the setup seemed to work fine, in terms of bringing about success anyway.
  10. Livi would bite your hand off to have Hoppy back IMO, considering what he achieved for them during his time there. Whether he would be interested in returning is another matter though. Personally, I don't think he would be interested at this time, but who knows.
  11. No reply from the club regarding a genuine question and yet the chief exec. still manages to find time to reply to fucking HEARTS fans emails, even though they were clearly on the wind up.
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