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  1. Do we reckon/know if season ticket holders take priority on the 500 tickets? Surely we will? Apologies if its been mentioned elsewhere, cba checking all the posts/threads.
  2. Bit off topic and I know its been discussed elsewhere on here in the past, BUT looking into the Championship playoffs set-up and it really does irk just how much of a disgrace the Premiership playoffs set-up is. And the SPL clubs wonder why they are disliked so much by the rest of us, self serving wankers. On the playoffs generally though, I also don't see how 4th in a 10-team league is worthy of a playoff place anyway? 4th is effectively mid-table. Surely it should be the 2nd & 3rd placed teams in the lower divison and the 2nd & 3rd bottom teams in the higher division,
  3. There was a few out of contract players i wouldve wanted to keep for next season, but see after these last 2 games anyone out of contract can get to fuck IMO. Its an absolute disgrace that u cant beat a part time team at home, that's already relegated and then fail to score (or even hit the target) against fucking arbroath (another part time team btw), when its the most important game of the whole season. Personally i dont want to be paying the wages of guys that dont deserve it after the epic shambles this season has been and the frankly pathetic performances we've seen for the majo
  4. Aye, Gerry from the cowshed though. Now that would be an interview!
  5. Cant see us beating arbroath away. Gonna need to hope ICT beat ayr n we somehow shitfest a draw. deplorable set of circumstances
  6. I've seen Mcgrattan play twice for the development team. One of those was the game against Man Utd under 18s (?) and I thought he was our best player that day. He got subbed off after about 60mins or so, but IIRC that was due to him being included in the next first team squad that weekend. Looks like a good passer, don't think he gave the ball away more than once that game (playing CM). He was quite short then though, not sure if that's going to go against him in terms of being given a chance in the first team at some point. But technically he looked good enough to be in amongs
  7. If he keeps us up, does that mean we need to change the words of that song we sing about him? 🙁
  8. Yep, Jacob's has been sorely missed in recent weeks. I'd like to see the new boy Sterling on for Salkeld. Apparently he's got decent pace and i'm expecting Dundee to come into the game more in the 2nd half, so opportunities on the counter possibly. Regardless, Salkeld needs to come off.
  9. That's because he is one 🙂
  10. That was one fucking sweet tackle though, worth the red!
  11. Why are they even out there? Apart from the reason that they are absolute cunts of course.
  12. Morton, like that. Andy Ritchie, like that.
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