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  1. Rowan Vine saying that Neil Warnock wanted payment from him to play… https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/18688908/neil-warnock-rowan-vine-qpr-money/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballfacebook250522&utm_source=Facebook&fs=e&s=cl#Echobox=1653515805
  2. At this moment in time the cost is too much for the players that we have signed. Few signed players that Greenock Juniors would knock back… still think the 12-17 price is quite high.
  3. Any news on when season ticket prices will be published? Need to get these out as it's a major income
  4. Hopefully now that were safe some players will be told to get there boots and dont return. Time for a clear out
  5. A Point made last night on the radio was that lower leagues will have even more shit refs as they so called better ones will be at the Scottish stockley park reffing the game on video
  6. That was as bad a ref performance I've seen. How he never seen the handball only he knows.
  7. Maybe this is something that the club could approach the Holiday Inn and offer something from there. Expand on ground hospitality. Meal, transport, ticket and after match bar
  8. At least they are showing signs off getting new players in
  9. I contacted the club 2 weeks ago as wanted to take my sons football team to tomorrows game. With next to no away fans i asked about some sort of hospitality ticket for them that included entry, pie and a drink. Cant say that I'm surprised that i got no reply from club.
  10. Im all for getting as many people into the ground as possible and agree as long as there is no problems being caused then let it be. If under 12’s are turning up without adults them maybe we should create an area for them like the far end of cowshed next to the wee dublin end.
  11. It was more around the way the club involved the community.
  12. MCT should watch the programme making Macclesfield about how to reconnect with the community.
  13. Dont understand why muirhead should be pissed off about, he’s had plenty of chances and has done nothing to even merit a place in the squad
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