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  1. It was more around the way the club involved the community.
  2. MCT should watch the programme making Macclesfield about how to reconnect with the community.
  3. Need to start getting shots on target. Embarrassing
  4. Clutching at straws here, yes ball shouldn’t be moving but thats nothing to do with the fact Strapp has made a Noel Hunt of it. Players dont have to be out the box, just cant touch it. basic errors from players that caused the goal
  5. Dont understand why muirhead should be pissed off about, he’s had plenty of chances and has done nothing to even merit a place in the squad
  6. Surely we must have someone else that can play up top instead of muirhead. Complete waste of a jersey.
  7. The cost of a child Season ticket ( 12-15 year old) is very expensive
  8. Think the cost of a child season ticket is a bit much at £100, should be around half that price
  9. I think that we really need to be looking at playing 2/3 upfront. Were just shelling the ball the way that were facing just now and the lone striker is just stranded as midfield are not supporting. Let’s actually go out and try to win the the game instead of sitting in hoping to steal a point.
  10. Seems a strange signing going from been released to a prem team.
  11. Daniel Martins signs with Livingston. Im sure he got put out on loan to greenock juniors last season before being released.
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