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  1. Agree. I’ve said before but I regularly have a look to see if there’s anything I can pick up but the clothing range (training and leisure) is really poor. Anything I might pick up is wildly over priced for what it is, so I don’t bother. Hopefully that’ll be improved though and I get the impression it will. The improvement in social media output has been excellent so hopefully this is next (or at least high up the priority list for the new commercial exec). On the subject of anniversaries, the club should start having a think pretty soon about the 150 years of Morton that is coming up. There’s bound to be great commercial opportunities there for generating some one-off revenue for the year, and there’s certainly an opportunity simply for “brand awareness” if you will. I’d like to see the club make a great deal of 150 years and try and somehow loop that into encouraging lapsed fans and potential fans into Cappielow. The crowds have dwindled depressingly from those of 15 or so years ago — it’s a good opportunity to try and rejuvenate some interest in the club. Fuck all might come of it, but you never know whose attention you might grab and turn them into a supporter. It’s potentially an interesting wee project so something perhaps a volunteer group could steer working alongside the club.
  2. Do you have the full list? I’m a nosey bastard.
  3. Then again, maybe someone at another club will join us, say from a part-time or a similarly paid role. Fuck knows.
  4. I initially thought it’s suited to an enthusiastic graduate, but they’re asking for an experienced person with a proven track record to come in and work for 19k. I’ve no idea what a competitive salary is in that line of work for the calibre of candidate they’re after but I can’t imagine 19k is it. Fingers crossed someone comes in and gets in about it though. Best wishes to Lesley Ann in her new role.
  5. Yeah, the social media output has been excellent this week so far.
  6. The club are advertising for a commercial exec: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/talent-365_salesjob-inverclydejob-gmfc-activity-6886626233128431616-CUi1
  7. Is there an even split in surnames of season ticket holders…?
  8. Can you still buy a brick at Cappielow?
  9. The club merchandise stuff is mental. Everything about it.
  10. Aye, that did cross my mind to be fair which is indeed sad. Maybe the old style, up high, sign would have to do.
  11. I'm sure it'd be down the list of priorities, but I'd like to see some proper signage outside Cappielow. I was looking at this picture (doon below) the other day and it made me realise how shite it looks on Sinclair Street these days. I'm sure there must be a sponsorship opportunity to cover the cost. I think something like this (below) would be good covering the grey barrier from the Main Stand to the Cowshed (or part of it). Could have some wording around community owned, with some direction on signing up online. Think about the amount of people that drive through Sinclair Street during the week without giving Cappielow a second glance. There's a missed opportunity there IMO to make the place look at least somewhat alluring, rather than the factory vibe it gives off just now.
  12. That's how I remember it. Only Imrie and Findlay acknowledged the support.
  13. Has there been any marketing of items for sale in the run up to Christmas? I haven't seen a thing, which is pretty shite.
  14. It’s that drive and demand for success that put him as my first choice for the gig. I think you’re spot on though, as I think he’d take one look about and knock us back if we did offer him the job.
  15. Hopkin switched them. Anderson switched back last Tuesday.
  16. Players’ goal celebrations have been interesting of late.
  17. While I think it was absolutely the correct decision to let him go, if I was Gus I’d be pretty miffed. They set him a target of finishing 8th, and he’s just been sacked while sitting 8th in the table. Tough gig.
  18. I get the abuse he's had but if you don't want to be here, Alan, bugger off.
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