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  1. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2021/09/14/making-changes-to-our-club-badge/ 👏
  2. It's sound mate I'm going with Toby anyway but cheers for the shout.
  3. Hahaha. Gotta do my background checks brother.
  4. I just checked his LinkedIn because I’ve no shame, and he ended his time at Morton in March.
  5. This stuff really does my nut in. It might be partially because I'm an internet weirdo but for me it just adds to the overall amateur image of the club. The whole website is embarrassing to begin with, but I'd like to think they'd at least populate it with the right content. Actually just checked and it's all been updated... In the spirit of complaining about things and then having them sorted, I'd just like to say that the website is so, so shite. I'm a big fan of the design work that MTC did for Hearts and Motherwell.
  6. I get where the original poster is coming from. I was talking to someone (a mate, FYI, irnbru) a month or so ago about this and the mindset of supporters and the relationship with the club. I think it's important to realise that the club board is no longer a closed shop with a them/us relationship (regardless of how good that relationship is, that's essentially what it always is when not fan-owned). We're fan-owned (one day...), it's our club now more than ever, and so we absolutely should be pulling together to improve the club. That being said I think it's vital that we continue to criticise, or "bitch and moan". Where I sit in the middle of the two sides is we need to remember MCT/GMFC are well intentioned and we're essentially doing this against ourselves (e.g. the GMFC directors were on our side of the fence not long ago as fans, no doubt saying the same things, and now they're 'them' or 'the club'). Can't say I tend to follow my own advice on this one all the time, in fairness. The them/us relationship needs binned with the previous era, and we do need to band together, but the feedback, shall we say, from the general fan is so important. For what it's worth, I see the club as a glorified junior club at the minute, so the more open feedback to MCT the better.
  7. There’s a few kicking about that area but you’re fucked for finding them unless you know the area well.
  8. With that approach there's only one direction the size of our support is going. There's also a reason that massive companies like Coca-Cola and whoever else continue to still spend millions on advertising a year. I can't imagine anyone in their marketing department would last long if they suggested, "everyone knows about Coke, if they want one they'll go get one".
  9. Was saying to my mate irnbru earlier that I'd have expected a lot more promotion behind the first 'normal' game back. However long without the football and it's finally back good and proper - I'd have thought people would be choking to go, but only if they know they actually can.
  10. My mate emailed (twice and phoned) during the week to find out how he could get a ticket and was told he could buy one between 12-2 on matchday.
  11. Suspect you will be in the same boat as me. I had to dig out an old season card from a few years ago. Never did get a reply to my email about my season ticket though.
  12. He’d been rumoured to have signed a PCA with them by then too.
  13. Same. If I remember right, only Imrie and Findlay acknowledged the fans after the game. The rest were off like a shot.
  14. Seems pretty qualified I suppose. Good luck to him.
  15. McAdams appears to be number 2 at Ayr. Fjortoft still not getting a game under Hopkin.
  16. Wet paint on the barriers in the Cowshed is a nice touch.
  17. Cheers mate. Maybe I was never to get a new card then haha. Who knows.
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