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Or an Iron Man’s idea of a fact. What games did he miss when he was on strike, what were the conditions attaching to the cancellation of his contract and how long did the negotiations for that take?

He hasn’t, he’s moved to Dundee.

Or more appropriately bedroom bunny caring just enough to go to reactiogif.org and download yet another humourless image. If you and the clique really must bore the arse off everyone with images of co

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Definition of a loser is a fat slob who does a woman's job. Do keep up.


Benny Arentoft won the Fairs Cup ( now Europa League) with Newcastle and scored in the final.

Preben Arentoft. Preben. Never Benny.

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"Any nation given the opportunity to regain its national sovereignty and which then rejects it is so far beneath contempt that it is hard to put words to it."

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Sir Gavin sent off for Port Vale tonight


If this was due to absolutely bodying some dirty Leeds scum then he should go up even further in everyone's estimation as a result, not that we thought that was possible.

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Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Oh Lord, Brian Wake


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Port Vale played him at left back last night..

Im sure he played there on Saturday as well.

There's a storm on the horizon

And for that I can't see the sun

For I'll keep a waiting on the pavement

For the ice cream van to come

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Not quite an ex-player, but an ex-Ton goalscorer - Tavenier scored the exact same OG for Hibs today that he scored for us in that 2-2 game at Ibrox.

McGhee needs some support, there's no-one backing him up.
Hayes playing it forward, Bell being forced to do it all alone, now forward from Marr, here's Ritchie, still Andy Ritchie, look at the control...

That is a marvellous goal from Andy Ritchie. Twenty minutes on the clock and Morton's supporters come alive. A goal which epitomises the control, the arrogance, the cheek of Andy Ritchie.

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