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  1. Absolute banter though when someone form the cowshed shouted “you not got shorts that fit you?” Logan shouts back “No I borrowed your mums”
  2. The difference though is at least Stuart McMillan has been elected and has constituents to represent locally so him having a board I don’t have a big as an issue with
  3. Are we going to discuss the new Alba party sign that’s above the turnstiles? After the outcry of their “photo op” when they hired a function room, this really looks like, as a club, we are endorsing these clowns!
  4. Yeah sorry your right. I’m always getting my non-entities mixed up!
  5. What about when they were Edusport Academy?
  6. https://www.gmfc.net/jaze-kabia-joins-morton-on-season-long-loan/
  7. Daft question and I know it’s probably been mentioned before but for the life of me I cannot remember but I’m assuming season tickets aren’t valid for Saturday?
  8. First Team Squad section on gmfc.net has updated photos and squad numbers for coming season. Schwake wearing no.1 and no picture of Jack Hamilton. Alan Lithgow still wearing the ridiculous 47 and Reece Lyon moves from no.10 to no.32 with Jai taking the 10 shirt.
  9. Dougie’s latest interview up for viewing. Get that T-shirt on sale now!
  10. Going to be honest I am not totally adversed to having Quitongo back. Yes he has his issues but maybe Dougie can get a player out of him. There was no doubt there was a player in there somewhere!
  11. Andrew Dallas in starting XI for Solihull Moors but no Gavin Gunning for Chesterfield in National League Play-Off Semi Final. On BT Sport 1
  12. Welcome to The Ton Carlo, he’s got a cult hero name if ever I heard one!!!
  13. Liking the new strip. Smart and simple, sponsor doesn’t ruin it either! Actually not bad for an “off the shelf” effort and I am actually not bothered about the all blue back. From a selfish point of view it’s actually easier for me to see names and numbers being colour blind
  14. Website back up and running but still have same issue! Unbelievable!
  15. gmfctickets website currently under maintanence and should be back up and running by 2pm. Hopefully they are sorting the issues mentioned above.
  16. Anyone else having issues renewing their season ticket through website. I put all my details then when I click payment it comes up to enter card holders full name and first line of address, even though I have entered this info and won’t let me go any further to complete purchase
  17. Me too but the fact the away kit is “off the shelf” and already been announced, part of me is hoping the home kit will be bespoke and that’s why it’s not been announced yet
  18. This is another hooped shirt that’s on joma’s website. Preferably with a hooped back though!
  19. Next season’s home goalkeeper top now available on Smiths website, is the new home kit imminent?
  20. Gozie one of such players that will be leaving through choice. His partner is pregnant and wants to go back down south to have baby and be closer to family
  21. We really are a fickle bunch! Who cares who rents a suite/a room/a cupboard at Cappielow? Much needed income and no matter who was to hire it out, someone somewhere would be adverse to it. A sex pest can captain the team on a weekly basis but we draw the line at one hiring a room to stroke his own ego for a couple of hours! Pffffft!!!!!
  22. Seems very bizarre to me when it appears be overwhelmingly welcomed. As already said, maybe the cost for us will involve installing a screen for fans to see replays etc but failing that surely the stadium announcer can put a shout out to let fans know what is being checked
  23. The wee lassie steward at the bottom of the stairs just at the start of the seating area at front of cowshed was constantly shouting at wee guys to step back from the wall (my 2 boys included). Not causing any bother, my 2 just wanted high fives from Cappie and were then told in aggressive manner to step back to allow en elderly disabled gentleman walk past with his stick. I dont need a steward to say to my boys to do that. My boys are respectful enough (despite being 10 and 6) to see someone like that coming towards them and be more than happy to give the gentleman some space!!!
  24. Coming into spring soon and people thinking about holidays etc…how about having Morton flip flops or sliders if your a millennial!
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