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  1. Hopefully not. I think he’s giving Blues a run of games to win a contract, same as he’s done with McGuffie. Don’t agree with it personally as Lyon would be one of the first names on the team sheet for me.
  2. The midfield 3 of Jacobs, Blues and Colville has been superb so far.
  3. Or a new range of phone cases, sponsored by McTears the Auctioneers.
  4. Someone incoming. Fingers crossed it’s a striker that can actually score goals.
  5. Arbroath sign Jack Hamilton from Livi, a proper number 9 who done well at East Fife on loan, and has scored in the Premiership for Livi this season. We’re really not signing anyone at all are we..
  6. McAdams far from convincing tonight, flapping at every shot and doesn’t like coming off his line. Fair play to Blues, smart finish. He must be right up there with our top goal scorers
  7. Paul McMullan joins Dundee on loan before joining them permanently at the end of the season.
  8. Reece Lyon again was tremendous today, we really need to be getting him signed up ASAP.
  9. He was literally the only player winning his battles in the last 15 mins or so and moving the ball.
  10. Reece Lyon best player on the park, oozes class in the midfield. Hopkin should’ve got his jotters for not playing him alone.
  11. Agreed. 2 assists in his time at the club isn’t a good return for a winger.
  12. Dobbie aside, I wouldn’t take any of their forward options over ours personally.
  13. Great result. McLean, McGinty, Lyon and Orsi were very good. No real failures at all, even Omar dove okay when he came on - that throw in aside.. 😂 Feared the worst before kick off, but fair play to the guys.
  14. That gormless arsehole Mackinnon squirming his way down to the dugout. Why’s he still in a job?!
  15. Once we finally got there the commentary was pretty good, enjoyed listening to Andy. The less said about the camera footage the better, Regarding the players, McLean and McGinty are still not good enough, far too error prone even against a poor Queens side. Omar is never a RB and shouldn’t play there ever again. Muirhead is still pish, and has the haircut to match now. Mcpake looks good, very direct and skilful. We’re still really lacking a out and out goalscorer, I don’t see any players we have currently getting over 10 goals.
  16. Tomas Cerny anyone? I see aberdeen have brought in another goalie.
  17. St Johnstone cancel the loan of Wallace Duffy...
  18. Cheers. Do we really need another central midfielder though..
  19. Doubt it, he’s made of chocolate. I thought he chucked it to join the police.
  20. Not an ex player, but Andy Bryan is now at Dundee Utd.
  21. We definitely have better options, but if injuries come up again - which they will - then stranger things have happened. The big mans came on leaps and bounds from being out his depth at left back.
  22. And also perched his arse over a bridge and shat.
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