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I didn’t know home clubs had the authority to prevent their opponents providing radio commentary for games too. If we didn’t block Hearts doing this for the December game we definitely should next mon

Should charge £18 for the Hearts game at Cappielow with a special offer of the Queen of the South game a fortnight later for a tenner if you buy the Hearts game. Excellent way for Morton fans to

I can just imagine everyone checking their phone at the same time to read the announcement "someone's having a jobby, so avoid the toilets".

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1 minute ago, Stevie Aitken's Love Child said:

Absolute scenes when the new site is hosted on the same 4 quid server that the club website is hosted on.

Seems to be on aws now so should be easier to upgrade the service.

They should be able to use auto scalling as well to factor in different levels of demand. 

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5 minutes ago, ralston said:

It seems to play for around 2 minutes, then it freezes, and you need to refresh the page (and re-check the terms and conditions box) and it starts again. This is on Chrome.

Same happening with me and it's Chrome I'm using

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Yeah, registered and logged in without an issue but it's buffering an awful lot. Upon refreshing it'll be fine for about 30 seconds then dies again.

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Oh Lord, Brian Wake


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6 minutes ago, astuartm said:

Think the Sinclair Street goal has gone missing!

I think they have changed the rules this season re two goals. 

Think it's just a massive game of worldy. 


I refuse to believe in the sinclair st goal until I see it with my own eyes. 

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