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  1. Need to take advantage of the strong wind in our favour and shoot on sight.
  2. If he noticed that like all of us he would have whipped him off after ten minutes, not with two minutes to go.
  3. does this open the door for Nicky Low?
  4. The statement is quite vague.. "In addition to financial investment, the partnership will also give the club access to the infrastructure and resources of Dalrada." Financial investment can mean anything from 50p to millions of pounds. Where will that investmen be put? .. New player, cover wages, stadium upkeep or even decent stewarding?.. "This will take the form of benefiting from linking with Dalrada’s IT development and marketing teams." I know we need IT in certain places but this is usually invisible to the common fan and what kind of marketing can they help with towards running a football team? It's now down in black and white the benefits Dalriada will get, A man on the board and advertising via name change, but still not certain what it means to Morton. Let's hope things become clearer over the next few days/weeks but the club statement really tells little or nothing to benefit Morton.
  5. As long as nobody throws a white plastic bag on the pitch on a windy day!!
  6. MCT are equally to blame for not doing anything about it. It's been going on too long two pretend nothing has changed in the stewarding policies at the club. Either MCT are in charge of the club and endorsing what is happening re stewarding or turning a blind eye to what is happening in the cowshed. They can't go on pretending that they know nothing about it. It will cost them supporters.
  7. Was told they block it off from just after kick off, we went to go to behind the Sinclair street goal with 20mins remaining and it was blocked off. Surely they can stop people crossing with 5mins to go rather than the whole game. Was also told partly it was due to stop the youngsters running to behind the goal and shouting at the goal keeper, something we never done that's been going on since 1874. Must be more intimidating to away players with fans growling at them as they make their way to the makeshift dressing room.
  8. Taken from the website... The club's official website - is the only place on the internet where your will find up to date and accurate information on what is happening in and around Cappielow. The website presently has 20,000 unique users per month that generate over 1 million hits per year. With ever changing content, breaking club news and essential fan information, the website is a resource that users connect with and return to read on a regular basis.
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