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  1. 100% search in way in . Fecking soaked. Even women getting patted down by male stewards
  2. What are you reading, I never said we were better under golden casket I said we have not progressed , perhaps maybe got worse but we all have our point of views but I forgot you know it all.
  3. We have not developed as a club since tha fan take over. In fact we have seriously regressed. 2 year contracts offered to 2 players that offer very little cast major doubts on the direction of this club under this new stewardship. With recent investment the fans expected at least one new face up front . Our biggest threat up front is our centre half Lithgow which shows how short we are in squad. We need to rely on other squads at moment being worse than us
  4. This is not good enough. We are poor in so many areas. I honestly fear we will be adrift at bottom by Christmas and January is too late to bolster squad enough
  5. back to the usual dross, we have nothing upfront, no threat at all
  6. I was behind you in the queue, if you remember I made comment about kids being denied access without adult stopping our future fan base. You were definitely selected as the steward in question passed about 3 others before selecting you
  7. if Easdale is a starter in league matches will be cancelling my direct debit for both season book and my MCT subscription . I cannot continue to watch the dross we have been playing
  8. Cant say I'm delighted with some of our contracts that have been handed out to our existing squad members , to be honest we were a poor team last year and giving 2 year deals to standard players is wrong. mediocracy expected again next season unless new guys , make the difference
  9. Oisen McEntee released , are we fully covered now in defence
  10. Incoming signing news ? or Shirt reveal
  11. Yes , we tried to go into Sinclair street end at about 4.15 after seeing a couple of people getting let through ,only to be denied my son has a limp and we wanted to avoid extra distance to car in Sinclair street. There was no need to seal off till 10 mins before final whistle
  12. Just signed up, change is requires as we were stagnant in recent years. The Rae's have done a good job since Scott era but time to move forward and great to see so many fans following suit
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