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  1. Pretty much agree with this just one minor point it was 3 no scoring draws (Dumabarton, Alloa and East Kilbride) we did actually manage to score 2 against Cumbernauld Colts. Just hope that Gus can unearth a striker who can find the net on a regular basis rather than like last season with several players scoring maybe 3 or 4 each all season but no player getting anywhere near 12 or even 10 goals.
  2. Apologies hadn't seen that only the update on MCT news which did not mention actual salary.
  3. There's no mention of £30k salary on the advert. I wonder if someone has seen 30 hours and mistakenly read that as £30k?
  4. Lewis Strapp will miss game as he has a one game suspension carried over from last season. FFS don't do a Killie.
  5. No they don't use Cappielow now, think their Home games are at Airdrie
  6. Our Second Round game against Annan (preferably) will be on Saturday 4th September
  7. Reveal at 7.00 tonight, 1922 Cup Winners below badge
  8. I can't remember that even although I'm no youngster but on checking is it Seasons 1949 to 1955 you are referring to? If so hardly relevant in today's much more recent changed league set up. Just for clarity I am totally against the proposal in any shape or form.
  9. Largs still looking to play a game tonight, putting out a tweet for any team that may be interested so the unforeseen circumstances lies at Morton end.
  10. Definitely not a sneer, I genuinely think Dunning would be an excellent appointment, he knows what the fans want and expect, he's passionate about Morton and would add great value to the MCT leadership.
  11. AGM to be held near the end of August and important news about Directors It is important to highlight that two of our current directors will be standing down at the AGM as per our Articles, and we are keen that members are given the opportunity to replace these Directors. Any member can stand as a Director of MCT. To commence the process, we would ask any interested member to send a note of interest, along with an introductory bio or CV, to business@mortonclubtogether.co.uk by Saturday 10th July 2021. Hope you will be applying Dunning
  12. It doesn't say Closed Doors match so expect fans will be allowed in. Largs have already played one match allowing up to 250 fans in so think that must be the Covid limit for their ground. Kick off is 7.15
  13. We play Largs on Wednesday 23rd June and Dumbarton on Tuesday 29th June. Hope we have enough players by then to make up a full team 😮
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