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10 hours ago, Renfrew said:

Club confirm that the admiral training gear won’t be made available for fans



Another facepalm moment. We're doing well this year.


Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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24 minutes ago, EanieMeany said:

Not particularly a fan of the Admiral tops myself, but to have them so prominent then not sell them is bonkers even by Morton's standards.

Didnt help that they specifically pointed it out when first shown, making a deal of it, in complete stark contrast to the 3rd kit that they were actually going to sell.

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18 minutes ago, EdinTon said:

Would any other club actually post this?

Salkeld's eyes shut, URL in an image rather than one we can click in the Tweet, still promoting TWO discarded prototype kits.




So we have sold 3 crowdies then. Stunned even at that.

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