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  1. What system? Seeing if the printer worked? The buck for this getting ballsed up can't really be deflected, it's not a difficult operation.
  2. The demand for the public sale is going to well outweigh the supply for ours, so the only difference here is that Dundee are able to make proper plans. The simple facts are that it's the year 2021 and Morton are still stuck at expecting people to queue up at 9am on a weekday morning to buy tickets. It's really, really not a hard thing to do especially when you have a club website, online store and an online ticketing facility, as poor as it may be. Whilst acknowledging this isn't necessarily the worst thing the club has done, it's still yet another display of a sub-par delivery that's inc
  3. For the public sale, if there is one. Expecting people to be able to get to Cappielow at 9am on a weekday is ridiculous, as is thinking it’s going to be practical to try to run phone and physical sales concurrently for a small number of tickets. If there’s say, 80 tickets available, with 100 people queuing and another 20, even, trying to phone, it’s just not really going to work well, is it? It’s a basic operation here, being handled badly.
  4. Mmm...yes and no. It's selling 500 tickets at £15 a pop, I'd guess selling them in a way that's easily accessible to all fans really should be fairly high up the list to be honest, as should not having 500 people potentially descending on Cappielow at 9am in the middle of a pandemic. Selling tickets shouldn't really be presenting a huge challenge, especially when the prospect of fans being allowed in to the finals has been being mooted for a while...that and the fact we're supposed to already have a ticketing website. Alternatively, I wonder if this might mean that the previous system has
  5. Yep, no problems with season ticket holders getting priority but in-person sales at 9am on weekday morning is farcical. I've seen Brendan saying on Twitter that you can phone to buy them, but let's face it, that's not really much better when the club has a skeleton staff and a very basic phone set-up. A ballot would be much easier.
  6. Having 500 people descend on Cappielow at 9am certainly seems a fabulous idea in the middle of a pandemic.
  7. I don't really get these kind of comments. There is absolutely nothing to lose by playing Easdale, he can't possible be worse or more ineffective than the other jokers we have creeping about the forward positions. If he plays and he's shite, then we're no worse off than we would have been with any other option; also, he's under contract for next season and he *should* be in contention for starting positions.
  8. "Gary Oliver is maybe finding his confidence at the right time of the season" is an absolute screamer. If MCT is to get off to a convincing start, McPherson must know he's out of a job soon. In the circumstances, I think the only really acceptable approach ahead of tomorrow is to just get tore right into the players and publicly state that if they fancy another full-time contract anywhere that they need to justify it tomorrow night. There's absolutely nothing to lose from not doing so, and at least you go out fighting rather than once again encouraging a pathetic surrender.
  9. Aye, this. I simply don’t see the prospect of MCT being enough to keep people interested, after the shambles of this season which has been years in the making, it’s optimistic in the extreme to think there’s much chance of the club coming back stronger if we’re stuck in the third tier for years. The rot and apathy is far too far gone to think we’re going to avoid being Airdrie.
  10. Anybody that thinks this club can somehow survive a few years in the third tier and re-emerge as a serious Championship club is kidding themselves on.
  11. On the way that the wage budget has been blown, a sizeable chunk of the responsibility for that lies with the board as well as with Hopkin. Whilst managers should largely have the main say on signings, it's downright negligent for a club that is pleading poverty (and also being propped up by its fans) to allow money to be wasted in the way it was. It's not all unreasonable to tell the manager he's not being allowed to sign players like Jamie Wallace and god knows many others when there's already a host of players in a similar position, likewise McElhone should never have been allowed to sign J
  12. The idea that McGinn has been even close to one of the main factors in this shite is absurd, he’s barely a footnote. MacAdams taking around a minute to take a by-kick around the 80th minute last night just about summed the season up, we shouldn’t be indulging this “good bunch of boys” pish. There’s a difference between running about a bit and genuine heart and desire, and the squad is devoid of the latter; for all he’s been inconsistent over the season, Nesbitt is about the only player who sets about games as if his aim is to try to win, even if it might not always come to anything.
  13. Fine apart from GC keeping the car park. They should be told to get right to fuck on that too.
  14. Salkeld has repeatedly proven himself to be utter shite, there’s no harm in putting a youth player in instead. He’s not going to be any less effective.
  15. Hopkin taking Ayr down and Falkirk not coming up is about the only outcome that can come close to redeeming this season. I know it's not really the done thing for club's own interviews, but we could really do with Gerry (and the Tele guy) questioning McPherson on his decisions today, to make such a monumental mess of such a big game really merits an explanation. It's absolutely baffling that a professional football manager would make those choices, how can any manager think taking Strapp off and leaving McGinty on is anywhere close to a good idea? I'm aware that this was the product
  16. Been some positives under McPherson and found of progress in the last couple of games but any idea that he could be capable of turning our fortunes around was well and truly ruled out by a criminally poor line-up, approach and set of changes today...and it’s not the first time he’s done that. Absolute pish all round, a win at Arbroath looks extremely improbable and our fate will be no less than deserved when it’s finally sealed. The Raes have wilfully sabotaged the club at every turn and sit at the depths of the club‘s history alongside Hugh Scott. If only fans were allowed in to gam
  17. Ridiculous from McPherson to take Strapp off instead of McGinty. I hope I never hear of that stupid big prick ever again.
  18. Strapp to full-back, McGinty to fuck, Jacobs or McGinn off, Orsi off and get McGuffie, Colville and Oliver on.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for a minute arguing that the squad we have is good enough to be a credible promotion challenger, but the league being how it is means that even being marginally better would have us much closer to the top 4. If you look at games like the one we lost at home to Arbroath, I don't think for a minute we'd have lost that with McPherson (or indeed any remotely competent manager) in the dugout: that one is the best example, but there was a few of the others under McElhone that would fall into the same category. There's 8 points between us and 4th, which us ultimately
  20. I didn’t realise Ayr were as close to us. This result makes our situation seem a lot more precarious, going up to Arbroath needing a result with their recent form isn’t something any team would fancy. Hopefully we can get something from Hearts and manage to render the Arbroath game meaningless.
  21. For all the squad's limitations, there's no question at all that a performance like tonight's would have us in the promotion play-off mix between the extra points we'd have gained and the ones that other teams would have dropped as a consequence. The gap from where we are to the top 4 is not a big one, it's absurd to suggest that we shouldn't be a lot closer to the top half than we are when you look at how cheaply we've given away so many points. After the East Fife game I thought that the glimmers of progress under Gus had wilted and I was massively scunnered, but there was a huge amoun
  22. We’d all be better off if Jason Leitch just shut the fuck up.
  23. Welsh very often looked like he was of McGinty levels trying to kick or header a ball. Remarkable that he seems to be doing well at Celtic but ultimately he wasn't even significant enough with us to really be bothered one way or another, unlike with McKay who was and remains a massive prick.
  24. Somebody having a family (especially a paedophile son) really isn’t a reason to not think they’re a cunt.
  25. Or they could just play them at 3pm as scheduled. The SFA should be getting told to fuck right off by every single club.
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