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  1. I have to say I don't understand why that decision has been taken. Unless the idea is that the club will be taking over the role of regular communication, it seems to me that MCT should still keep its members in the loop on a regular basis. Particularly if there is an ongoing drive for new subscribers to join as well as the (arguably tougher) task of convincing people to let their DDs roll over and not to chuck it. The issue I have with an ad hoc communication strategy is that it is easy to let things slide when people are busy and there is no fixed deadline in place. This then snowballs and suddenly you have rumours growing arms and legs that wouldn't have arisen in the first place with effective communication - followed by an ad hoc rebuttal from MCT or the club anyway. We've already seen that play out a few times over the summer. I appreciate that providing regular updates is hard and/or an annoying use of time, but simply scaling back the schedule of updates to a fortnight or even every month - and to view them as a chance to pitch what changes are being made and why they matter - seems a much more sensible response to that pressure. I also appreciate the engagement with the forum but the reality is that this is only a fraction of the fanbase and probably MCT's membership as well. If GMFC will be taking up that task of regular engagement from now on then great, but I don't think now is the time to appear to be disengaging with the fanbase in any way whatsoever. Getting and keeping the fanbase on board through this difficult campaign is still a serious obstacle that this ownership model has to overcome in order to simply function, never mind flourish.
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  2. Just the saw highlights there that was dismal fair enough we were missing players but that's no excuse. Lithgow looks about 2 stone over weight fair to say that signing hasn't went to plan.
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  3. They played Rico's. I wasn't at the gig myself (too young, but loved that album) but got talking about it to a regular in the pub I used to work in who claims he was at it.
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  4. Nicky Cadden league Two POTM. Definitely seems capable of stepping up at least another level down there.
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  5. One for the fellow old-timers, just read there that Roddie Hutchison was taken to hospital in the weekend with a possible stroke. Get well soon big man!
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  6. Maybe it's the vegan diet?
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