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    The only part of the US that is worth shipping to, or indeed caring about, is Wake Island.
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    There must be more to this kits stuff. Although if it was never explained it'd be brilliant. On the subject of 'tinpot' and shoddy marketing etc., does it bother anyone else how many variations of the Morton badge are floating around these days? I saw that Rangers went through a bit of a brand refresh a few weeks ago and it really emphasise how shoddy ours is (although their Photoshop of the crest onto the Finnieston Crane etc. was pretty weird). Morton quietly launched an updated crest a few years ago but I'm not even sure those currently at the club are aware or if they've just completely forgotten about it. Aside from the mismatch between that and the older version, we've got all sorts of variations that go on to club marketing materials. I'm no branding expert but with all the chat in the last few years about getting the Morton brand out into the community via the Community Trust's work etc., should we not be focussing on putting one version of the club crest out there (at the very least, having the main one and properly defined variations for particular use)? Here's some examples (with the first having three versions in the one picture, FFS): This last one is just outrageous: Maybe it's not a big deal but it does my nut in anyway.
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    Waves of contradictory pish about whether MCT should or should not meddle in the first team signing policy, a point that is made irrelevant anyway by the fact that the contributions to MCT stand to actually make Morton a fan-owned club in the very near future. Your 'ahm no' gien munny just to pay shite players' hot take is therefore completely out of date - find another shite excuse for not getting on board with the program or better yet don't bother.
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    I once bid £100 for his Locomotiv Moscow top at the Sportsmans dinner c.2005. I never won it. Bullet dodged.
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    Why would you want to buy a phone case with some random jobber outfit in Spain on it? Do you think GMFC are similarly relying on a flood of interest from the critical Murcia market to make the numbers work for them? Yet another case of Morton fans wetting their frilly knickers about a total fucking non issue.
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    God loves a trier. 🥁
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    MCT are funding the first team squad, so players already signed for that squad have to be funded. They can't pick and choose who receives wages from their donations, in the same way we can't buy a season ticket and say " I don't want X or Y player to get any of MY money" IMO the more people who join up, the more money can be donated, therefore a better standard of player can be attracted. Of course, if that doesn't happen, then theres always the option to resign your membership.
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    Aye it was purely tongue and cheek when i said they are theoretically paying their wages. Think everyone knows MCT can't control that in the slightest. The frustration lies with Hopkin offering these guys new deals in the 1st place.
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    That’s something I think quite a lot of people are going to have to get over, or have misunderstood with the fan ownership model. We have no greater influence on signings than we did before, and it should remain that way. As the above says, the person responsible for it can’t be undermined in any way. Even though we ourselves are putting money in, we’re surrendering any real control over it when we do.
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    I see the BBC Scotland channel showing a documentary about the ups and downs of Garry O’Connor’s career. That should be some laugh.
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    So, are we all agreeing on a carry out in the car park for the home games?
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    Aye pretty much this. I’m struggling to imagine anyone being allowed at games for the rest of this year, so might as well take the easiest, most unglamorous route.
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    Given we are almost certainly not going to be able to attend the games, give us the easiest draw possible imo. So that would be Livi, Stranraer, Annan and Albon Rovers.
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    It's unclear whether they'll put Kelty into the South pot because Lowland League team so automatically in the South, or whether they'll put them in the North and Cowdenbeath in the South. Bearing in mind that possible switch and also assuming they persist with the absolute fucking nonsense of seeding the team who finished the previous season 12th in the Premiership in Pot 1 with the 1st in the Championship in Pot 2, these are the likely pots: North Pot 1: St Johnstone, Hibs, Ross County, Hearts Pot 2: Dundee United, ICT, Dundee, Arbroath Unseeded: Raith, Montrose, East Fife, Peterhead, Forfar, Cove, Elgin, Cowdenbeath, Stirling Albion, Stenhousemuir, Brechin, Brora South Pot 1: Livingston, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, Hamilton Pot 2: Ayr, Dunfermline, Greenock Morton, Alloa Unseeded: Queen of the South, Partick, Falkirk, Airdrie, Dumbarton, Clyde, Stranraer, Edinburgh City, Queen's Park, Annan, Albion Rovers, Kelty Normally I'd be looking at that sadly due to the very few good away games available - Stranraer, Annan & Kelty are the only good days out there - but with the small likelihood of attending games anyway just give us Falkirk, Queen's Park and Kelty for maximum snake bashing. In the unlikely event away fans can attend and we get Kelty away all the better. I'd expect every Pot 1 team to steamroller the others due to actually having match fitness built up so could do without a pumping from St Mirren tbh.
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    Thought that was Wuhan FC?
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    In fairness, Levante's logo has a wee bat.
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    Not very realistic that the buttons on the new strip don't go into the blue hoop.
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    Prototypes before choosing the new home top. With business effectively recommending on Monday, increased activity isn't all that surprising.
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    Gerry McDade’s patter is absolutely chronic.
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    I've really enjoyed watching Lamie's progress since leaving Morton. When he first arrived he struggled at left back and got a lot of stick. He worked hard, improved his game quickly and became a popular member of the squad. He earned his chance to play at a higher level with Livi and left with the best wishes of the whole support. A Scotland call up would be incredible.
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    The most common word in that tweet is "I".
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    I got a speeding ticket once in 2006 but I'd just like to say how much I respect Lewis Hamilton for his work in the community.
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    It’s about Callum. It’s always about Callum. He doesn’t have to be relevant to a story to make it all about himself.
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    Moans about getting his content lifted by the big papers... Does same to Stenhousemuir 🙄
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    It's genuinely a shame to see how social media affects some people. He's getting these wee dopamine hits from watching the like and retweet numbers go up, and that's leading to him contriving endless new ways to chase virtual ambulances.
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    So I can go to Phonecases3D online and buy a Valencia, Malaga, Levante or Atletico case for a fiver less and with free delivery. Mmm, it's a no from me.
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    Tongue in cheek or not it is an issue if people perceive their contributions are funding the wages of players not good enough to take the club forward - that is one of the main reasons I have not joined. I, perhaps mistakenly, thought MCT was generating additional funds for 'new' signings not deadwood.I appreciate it is not the role of MCT to interfere in 'football' matters but I see the signings previously mentioned as a waste of funds. I know the manager argues he did not want to start afresh in a truncated season but we all saw enough last season to form the view that a significant number of the squad are miles of the pace.
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    He didn't go to Moscow until 2007. Think you've got your dates mixed up pal.

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