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  1. Irnbru your bitterness towards MCT knows no bounds. You had your day - move on. Just to add I am not a member of MCT. I responded to the shareholder AGM e-mail, was sent a link and had no problem joining the meeting. My two boys also got send the e-mail but were not able to participate. The issue with some stakeholders missing out however requires to be urgently addressed. Gordon Ritchie appears to be the point of contact and I would hound him to get it resolved. As for the AGM, I am sure when one of the volunteers has a moment they will provide a proper summary. In the meantime my take on it as follows: - The loss in 2021/22 was concerning/alarming but has to a great extent been addressed after MCT took over. The feeling was historically costs were not as closely monitored when people assumed there was always a sugar daddy down the line to bail the club out. - This years accounts, when they are published (after the year-end in May) will show a healthy profit largely due to the cup game with Celtic bringing in over £200k. Even without this 'windfall' the Board are confident the club would break even. - Recent sponsorship deals are crucial to the financial balancing act. If I picked it up correctly, the main sponsor Dalrada provided a 12 month package with the option for a further 5 years. Dalrada require the club to share in their ambition for GMFC to succeed and the Board are optimistic/positive Dalrada will take up the option to exercise the option to extend sponsorship at the end of this season. - The majority of the new sponsorship monies has all gone to the manager to improve the squad hence the additions, contract extensions and loanees in January. - All players contracts have been reviewed updating from a template someone found on the internet to a more bespoke arrangement reflecting the modern world of football. - The Board are aware with success other clubs could come in for the manager and players. The Board have tried their best to protect the Club but accept if the money is right they will not stand in the way of an individual looking to better themselves. It is a difficult balancing act protecting the 'assets' without handing out lengthy and onerous contracts to players who maybe do not ultimately fulfil their potential (my words not the Board). - For the first time I heard people explicitly stating the ambition is not just survival in the league but promotion. Realistically recent results have made a title win more difficult but we should be targeting a play-off place. - Average gates are slowly increasing. - The ongoing ticket and entry farce at Cappielow was fully acknowledged. No quick solution this season but the proposed arrangements in the future should hopefully resolve the issue. - Proposals in hand to improve the fan experience and tidy up Cappielow. The Board are looking at the options for the parcel of land they acquired to do something similar to what Ayr provide in their car park. I believe it is a mix of something for the fans on the ground floor and offices above. - Importantly the proposals to replaces the 'Articles' were passed with only one minor amendment requiring (not optional) the Board to hold an AGM. - The three Board members, in attendance, highlighted they would encourage any fan to come forward for election to the Board if they believe they have something to offer. The Club is now 'ours' and it is up to us to ensure it not just survives but moves forward. I am sure there are aspects of the AGM I have omitted but hopefully the above is an accurate recollection of the main points I recollect.
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  2. I also attended via zoom. Got the email one day prior and had no issues joining. The summary HamCam provided is absolutely spot on and covers everything off. Can't think of a single point not covered above other than the annual financial results will be published in a much more timely fashion going forwards now that we are by the transition period with MCT in total control. The clubs overall financial performance is being reviewed much more frequently with the finance director updating the board every couple of months . This has in turn assisted in bringing in new players /extending contracts as we're financially stronger than forecast at the current time. All very professional and different to the previous spending model which was see how much we've spent by the end of the season then get bailed out by the Rae's!
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  3. I'm in the exact same boat, to the letter. I'm an individual shareholder, for whom the club has contact information (they have marketed to me many, many times, and I'm an online overseas stream subscriber) and to whom the club by its own rules has an obligation to provide notice of an AGM. They chose not to provide that notice. MCT, to their credit, did provide notice. However, I also didn't receive the Zoom link despite signing up online. From neither party is this good enough. The Club is relying on the current good feeling around the Dougie revolution; if they blank shareholders and supporters when times on the pitch are good, they can see what happens when times on the pitch are bad. MCT talked a good game about democracy and oversight, but when push came to shove they didn't provide a means for remote fans to attend the AGM, despite their promises. Socks are needing pulled up both in the boardroom and at MCT. Complacency is setting in. Sort it.
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  4. Play-off spot within our own hands again. Has the postponed Hamilton game been rescheduled yet - I don't think we need to wait on their Europa League run to end before putting that on the cards. After the most ridiculous soft-touch March fixture list, Queens Park's run-in from here is an absolute nightmare for them. You would absolutely hate to see them bottle it, slither into the playoffs and crash and burn from here.
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  5. Unsure where to put this but i was at the 'Andy and Gerry meet Dougie Imrie' event last night in Inverkip. It was fantastic. Really interesting to hear the gaffer speak about his playing career and coaching/ managerial experience so far. Love the guy even more than I already do.
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  6. Ayr 3-0 v Cove ICT 1-Partick. ICT down to 10 men Arbroath 1-0 v Q. Park
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  7. Wonder if this’ll mean warm-ish tap water in the bogs now?
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  8. Pissing me off now we haven’t got anything arranged with matchwinner yet to get the retro tops released.
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  9. Would appreciate if anyone in attendance this evening could post updates in here. Despite me being a shareholder(and having provided the club with updated contact details recently), I was not contacted to inform me of the AGM, and only found out via MCT. I was told today that I would be sent a zoom link, but this never arrived. I also filled in the form to attend as an MCT member but again received nothing. This leaves me wondering who (if anyone) will be in attendance other than the board members. Not ideal.
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  10. I seem to recall Grimshaw being given pelters for being not up to speed in the first few games that he played, so quite why we're jumping straight to the conclusion about more recent additions is questionable. If Morton fans cannot take a look at the overall trajectory of the first team over the past 15 months, trust the manager to get most decisions right and therefore not fling their toys around about an away draw at Championship level then we'll be short of one excellent manager very shortly. That's the reality of the situation. That doesn't mean no criticism, ever, but there's a time and a place to do it that isn't completely foolish and self-defeating. Friday night journey or not, people should be able to reflect in the cold light of day on their response - and no burning sense of injustice for McGrattan or any other player is worth undermining the foundations being built at the club right now.
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  11. I'd have thought MCT would have a report to members but they don't seem to do much now.
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  12. Have a bit of patience.
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  13. It’s the alphabet soup Morton players take at the training ground!
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