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    How's that love of putting one over The Famous working out for those cunts right now? Perhaps they should focus on getting one over no-mark minnows like 'Clyde' in their bid to avoid relegation to the fourth tier of Scottish football first and then only speaking to their superiors like ourselves when told to, which will of course be 'never'. And Welsh wasn't even 'one of our own young players': he was a loanee from another club who was shite when he played for us and is shite when he plays for Celtic under their own shite manager. Other than all of that though, a solid 0/10 contribution from yourself and a merited rd;dh.
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    Ships both goals, gets slaughtered by Gordon Strachan at half-time for being hopelessly out of his depth and subbed off at half time. A stunning victory for DOT over the boo boys!
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    Apart from K Cider, what gets you up in the morning?
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    I see Cambridge United are top of League Two with Jack Iredale a regular in the side. Nice to see a popular figure from his time at Cappielow doing well.
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    Seems Jack Purdue has broken his leg. I was disappointed we let him go and he seemed to have got off to an absolute flyer with Annan this season. I don't know him but I'm gutted for him, an absolute pisser. Hopefully he makes a good recovery and can kick on again.
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    Going to assume that this post cut off so abruptly as the phone was aware it was about to be used to make a comment along the lines of 'Muirhead was fine' and decided to explode rather than being party to such a heinous act.
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    Not all that fussed about him either way, just enjoying DreamOakTree looking like a total fanny. Again.
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    Welsh caught napping by the 14 time European trophy winners for the opening goal, which comes as a huge surprise to absolutely nobody who saw him getting roasted by such crack European outfits like Inverness Caley Thistle.
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    They're 'saving a few bob' at the direct expense of either fans or disinterested individuals who just so happen to have the required expertise in the local area, who might just need an additional paid role to cope with the economic crisis right now. That's not the calling card of a club that wants to pass itself off as being central to its local community at all. There is a purpose and a need for volunteers to help out with lower level tasks at any football club but it is not there for GMFC or any other professional football club to try and get away with not putting rightful employees on its payroll. Will fans be asked to run the pie stalls and do the security when they return to games as well?
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    No, let's hold poisonous grudges instead because that's how we do things around here. It's a shame that Mahood was so dung in his (final) return to the club as the gulf between his historic reputation and the guy being given the runaround by fucking Brechin* players in 2004-05 was jarring to say the least. *North Caledonian League also-rans, for those reading this thread in October 2022,
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    Fair play mate. As you'll have gathered, a guy did something similar not so long ago going about it in all the wrong ways. Good luck, hope it's a success.
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    Give us a laugh mate, who do you support?
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    Should be pointed out too that Hopkin should be keeping an eye on discipline, which hasn’t really been a problem in recent times. As far as I can recall, Jacobs’ red card against Dundee last season was our first (for a player) in God knows how long, yet we’ve started this season with two red cards and not a tackle committed to contribute to them. Not a good example to them to see the manager also taking a booking for dissent to the referee either, something he was sent to the stand for at Hibs last season. If, as we’re constantly told, there’s a tight ship being run and little room for manoeuvre with the squad then I expect Hopkin to be addressing these issues to give us a far better chance in this league than if we’re to carry on the way we’re going.
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    Are you implying that's a bad thing?
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    It's not just this, Eric M grassing on me for calling him a cunt also put a smile on my face. Hope this helps .
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    No, he didn't. The fault lies with his clueless manager who threw him in for two important games despite being nowhere near the required standard: think of Welsh as the new Creag Little, floundering back post clearances against Motherwell in our six goal bleaching. These facts were however entirely foreseeable to any sentient being who had actually watched Welsh play at a lower level just last season though, so the humiliation is now equally shared by the senile fanny of the forum for trying to turn it into a rags to riches tale about the perils of the big, bad Morton fanbase. If TGFITW were allowed into their piggery last night they'd have slaughtered him as well. Welcome to professional football.
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    I’d maybe look a wee bit more sympathetically at the pleas of poverty and calls for volunteer help if the chairman wasn’t planning on taking the fucking stadium with him when he swans off into the sunset next summer.
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    4), 5) and above all 2) strike me as roles that GMFC should really be paying the going rate for instead of expecting hauners from the fanbase. You're charging £14 for a product: you should be willing to pay for the required technical expertise and customer service experience to pull it off. On the other hand it is something of an astounding turnaround that they're focusing on all these technological details given the entire previous history of the club, not to mention their coverage getting favourable reviews from neutrals.
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    Episode Five is now live! Dean, Craig and Ewan reflect on Morton's Championship curtain raising 1-0 win against Alloa, make their season predictions for promotion and relegation and discuss other Championship results from Matchday 1.
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    I liked it. It was slightly jarring at moments, and there's work to do on when and when not to do it, but I thought overall it added to the quality of the footage. Taking into consideration the improvements that have been made so far (since missing half the pitch against QotS), I'm hopeful that its use will become a bit more smooth as the season goes on. I hope they keep using it, but assess and work on the effectiveness of its use.
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    Mark Russell has scored a double for Finn Harps, who lead 2-0 at Bohemians with about 20 minutes left.
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    Set up to defensively but at least he made the subs early second half. I won’t even get started on muirhead as I hope that’s the last we see of Him strapp and mcpake back next week a big plus. Also thought Salked had a decent game as did the subs.
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    Nice to see you actually engage rather than grassing to the mods. How’s the photography going?
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    Are you complaining about the quality of a dodgy stream?
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    Joe was before my time, although I did see him play I was too young to have any clear recollections of him, but this is the first time I've ever heard if him being described as a midfielder. I think he was signed as a player-coach, and he did play a handful of games for them I think
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    ^^^ sobbing uncontrollably
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    Unless some transient Tim was allowed to rename it without consulting the supporters, it is still called the Wee Dublin End, just like it has for over a hundred years and will continue to be called for many years to come.
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    Joe started out as a striker, but became an outstanding midfielder. You should check out the club's write-up, about him, at the time of his death.
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    Joe Mason was a striker, not a midfielder
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    When you are that crap at Football then you know that you don't belong on the field of play, regardless of what age you are. Thousands would have loved a game at the San Giro tonight, but they have to live with the fact they're not good enough so they don't get that opportunity. Whereas he's not good enough but he gets a game, makes a cunt of things (again), gets well paid for it PLUS he gets sympathy for being shite. Naw, that's not fair. Next.
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    Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age but it's not nice to see a young player suffer like that. It's not his fault he lined up against Milan. He didn't pick himself.
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    The problem with their controls is their aversion to soap, the dirty paisley bastards!!! The notion of "hand sanitizer" would blow their tiny minds aswell.
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    Dean, Craig and Ewan round off their selections for Team of the Decade, choosing their midfielders and attackers. If you've not listened to Part One yet - you can listen here.
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    Should Tesco or that gammon-faced bawbag running Wetherspoons advertise unpaid vacancies on the same 'if you don't ask you don't get' principle? I'm sure they'd get a few applicants with more hope than good sense willing to do jobs for nothing as well. To me that's what this is. GMFC is a business that talks about being a fabric of the local community blah blah blah whenever it files a grant for a government handout; yet here is an opportunity - as well as a practical requirement for the main product that they're selling right now - for the club to give short-term employment and experience to skilled workers in the local area and they want it done for goodwill rather than the going rate instead. Morton aren't alone among clubs in doing this but it is still completely wrong.
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    Anyone doing that assistant director role for free wants their head checked IMO.
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    Imagine the grief when you make an arse of it as well.
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    Make us look bad, why don't you.
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    I agree completely that 2 in particular should be a paid role. That's end-to-end live production. That's a job.
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    Behind the scenes they were bankrolled by a local industry in their small town - the paper mill. When the paper mill got bought out and then closed down by a conglomerate, they lost the bulk of their sponsorship, and eventually went bust. They continued as a community club, away from professional football. This was 2015. A couple of years later they got back into the pyramid, replacing a dropout club, and then last season they got another administrative promotion when a team from the second tier dropped out. They stayed up by the skin of their teeth last season but this year they went back down. They're basically a local/community club now. Without the paper mill's backing, and given that Kouvola is a mid-sized down, they're unlikely to ever be a major club again. This is part of a pattern with some of these small town "industrial" clubs. See Atvidaberg in Sweden for another example - a famous old mining club and former national champions, but now they're just a village team in division 3. Clubs that manage to transition from industrial-backed are few and far between. Genk in Belgium did so but that was because the two mining teams (Winterslag and Waterschei) merged into one. Erzgebirge Aue in Germany also continue to punch above their weight due to a traditionally strong fanbase. But MyPa, Metalist Kharkiv - teams like that just collapse when the industrial support does. Then there are new-style clubs that follow the same model. Sheriff Tiraspol is a prime example. The Sheriff corporation owns half of Moldova (or so it seems) and they keep the money flowing to the club. Over in Asia, Dordoi Bishkek are the biggest club in the country and owned by a retail/wholesale company.
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    Wee Dub ffs. Bloody awful patter.
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    If Morton's goals per game got anywhere close to your riddies per post rate we'd win the championship at a canter.
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    ^^^^ Tam O'Ware's maw found. ^^^
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    Which other parts of your post about the key commercial importance of looking zany on social media to some dweeb in Ostia or Briansk are we to throw away? The starting position is 'all of it' btw.
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    As expected. I called it right. That second goal. I didn't think spectators were allowed into the game today.
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    And here we have, under the letter J, we've got Jean Johannson, there is Junior football and Jai Quitongo - yes, he's still there.
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    Yeah all that light blue shade

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