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  1. Yesterday
  2. Decent performance based on the highlights. Midfield looked to be more influential than I've seen recently and Hamilton continues to impress with another solid game. Good to see Reilly getting a goal and a nice finish at that. ICT looked very ordinary and certainly nothing to fear.
  3. From the highlights it looked like Lyon was instrumental in most things we did going forward. He must start from now on. We looked the much better side, by chances anyway, after the first 25 minutes. Promising stuff and I hope we can continue that into the quarter final v QoS and a huge game against Ayr.
  4. From those highlights, we looked the better team. Great to see Reilly get a goal. Great finish. I think Inverness are over-rated. Big strong team but no world-beaters.
  5. In the 41st minute that volleyed ball in from Strapp was Xavi-esque. The stramash after was Cannie-esque. Well-deserved in the end judging from these highlights. We had plenty of chances but no killer instinct until that equalizer. Inverness started strongly but faded. But what a fantastic finish from Reilly. He didn't only need to close the angle, but also put enough power on it to get it past the sliding defender. He managed both - the precision and the strength. That's what we've been missing. If he can keep that up we'll be fine in the league. I worry that after his injuries he can't keep it up but I really, really hope he can. Inverness look guff overall. Wouldn't be massively scared of them at Cappielow. And a big hand to the 15 (fifteen) who made the trip North to complete the crowd of... a hundred and something?
  6. Last week
  7. I didn’t fancy us to get anything today so we’ll done to the players for grabbing a draw. It could’ve been much worse with our recent form
  8. Michael Doyle sent off for Queen's Park against Killie.
  9. Can't knock that, that's a good result. Hopefully this is a catalyst for Reilly to kick on.
  10. Still in the cup and Reilly finally getting a goal. Not too bad then. We can all happily laugh at Hamilton now.
  11. So he did. Three days after scoring against Gourock Thistle in the RC semi. Also got one in a friendly against Campbeltown Pupils. So, quite a prolific scorer (by modern standards).
  12. That’s got to be 433 with Strapp and Ledger as full backs, hasn’t it? Correct decision if so. Still not exactly what you’d call confident but a team selection with players in their strongest positions is welcome.
  13. Absolute bollocks, he was on countless occasions but you just failed to see it. Rowan Alexander is now the greatest manager that Morton never had.
  14. At least we have remembered to out a sub keeper on the bench.
  15. Congratulations to the Community Trust on this.
  16. This video might be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about (or who doesn’t yet know about) our Team Talk project. It’s a really brilliant thing.
  17. We're away from the point of the thread here, but there has been no point in history that Rowan Alexander was the best available candidate for the Morton job.
  18. Correct. Doesn’t apply to accounting (and some other areas of employment) as an exemption to the Act but does apply to football which is not exempt.
  19. Which of course doesn't apply to banks or indeed many other professions that do not on fact embrace rehabilitation within their industry. It's almost as if the practice of employment rights and the precious lawyers' view don't match up!
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