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What Are You Listening To At The Moment?


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Pearl Jam - No Code

Love - Da Capo

Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door

Dave Gilmour - On An Island


Relaxing Sunday night listening! :)

"In a country lacerated by the sharp shards of broken brown-eyed promises, in a world bent low by the burden of disease, war and the price of Thunderbird, who is left to make full account of God and Britain's depleted moral mini bar? Yes, it's the surprising adventures of me, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar!"


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Make up some tasty Calpol ice lollies for them. Works a treat. :)



You bad bastard boozy :lol: I was on the brink of buying stink bombs from e-bay :P


Now drowned out by The Stranglers, come to think of it, if I put the speakers out the window that may drive them away. <_>


Edited to add, now the feckin tears have started, how can weans not hurt themselves without greetin.

Volume has been raised again.

Edited by Barbarossa

We are a MEAN diddy team!!!


make your own mind up.

"Hey!!! That tea leaf half-inched me wallet"

Yours Roobs, AKA, Harry's Orville Duck
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