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  1. Martin Compston is a talented actor and seems like a nice guy. I would imagine he knows a bit more about cinema than ****in thornton too!
  2. Rotherham looked pretty ordinary when we played them and i'd fancy us to survive in their league. Tidser won't care though...it doesn't bother 'im he's at Rotherham. * *this sounds much better than it reads.
  3. heaven - the walkmen el camino - the black keys bloodsports - suede all good
  4. and therein lies the bulls*** that you don't just come out and say. you and thornton are a right pair aint ya? i'm ****ing certain that morton fans are smarter than to love or hate a player just cos he's black or whatever. always a snidey wee undertone in your posts just as there are in salty's. you're really acting like a ****in bellend here. i know you think yer a good morton man cos you travel about getting blitzed etc but it seems there's a snidey racist tone to your opinions. If not racist yer certainly trying to wind people up. why? stop being a ****ing caricature of a dick, toby. the daily mail is not an arbiter of what's right and wrong and if that's really your level i feel sorry for you. STOP BEING A PUBLICITY HUNGRY SACK.
  5. Disagree. Some sadsacks who have never kicked a ball in their heavy wrestling life, give an honest athlete dog's abuse from their wankstained, dingy room. sad fux
  6. Aye, whatever. Away and talk pish about wrestling or oh so ironically bad horror movies. Never anything good to say about anyone.
  7. Some shocking pish being spoken here. Jim was a great servant to our club and is a really decent player.
  8. Wrecking Ball by Springsteen Phenomenal. I love how he transcends age and such nonsense and sticks out one of the best albums of his or any other c**t's career. All hail Bruce ****in Springsteen.
  9. really??? i couldn't get into "here's tom..." at all man was really disappointed with it
  10. i just mean he's trying to look like him. the gulf in talent is, as you say, vast.
  11. the most recent glasvegas stuff reminds me of simple minds. that is never.a.good.thing. james allan should really be playing joe strummer in a clash stage show
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