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  1. Bit of Deadmaus on the go this evening. I'm tired and need the perk up.
  2. My current playlists includes Imagine Dragons, Chvrches, You Me At Six, Idlewild, Tiesto, Big Country, early Oasis, Hurricane #1, John O'Callaghan, early Silverchair and The Offspring (Ixnay and before - anything after that is pish). Eclectic.
  3. Whit you daein' in here pal?

  4. Couple of absolutely tremendous songs but the rest is generic tripe. Could be hit or miss. For anyone who likes genuine talent, check out Mike Masse on YouTube. Sings in a pizza shop but some of his cover versions are unbelievably good. His versions of Africa by Toto and No Rain by Blind Melon are pretty special. I reckon he'd be huge if he didn't look like Bill Bailey.
  5. I've been listening to Alex Winston quite a bit lately. Not really my cup of tea usually - maybe I'm just getting old. Oh, and a classic album from my old CD collection: Silverchair - Frogstomp
  6. Being subjected to Tom Waites new album by a colleague. Good lord, it is absolutely dreadful.
  7. I actually ended up drinking with them after their gig at the Barrowlands in 2007. What a night that was. Spending a worrying amount of time just now listening to Nero and Skrillex.
  8. Sick Puppies - You're Going Down Adema - Unstable Amity Lane - Drown You Out I'm in that kind of mood.
  9. The Naked and Famous - Punching in a Dream This band are another Hadouken - they either make absolute classics or absolute shite.... there is no middle ground.
  10. That's currently stuck in my head thanks to NFS Hot Pursuit. That game's like watching an episode of Top Gear that Zane Lowe's picked the soundtrack for.
  11. Exactly! If you listen to it, it's defo about a burd. Fck it, it's not about drugs - screw you music press and your need to dig for hidden meanings that aren't there. Cants. I mean there's a line saying "she grew up well and she grew up right, with those Indiana boys and those Indiana nights". How is that not about a girl? Happy birthday by the way young chow.
  12. You know, it took someone else to tell me that song was about drugs - I always thought it was about a burd called Mary Jane.
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