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  1. Hahaha, America is bonkers https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/02/texas-masks-coronavirus-covid-battle?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR3lvhXihCxGuM7fNMgxu3NdJmhbx4MNP-lsp6heywIurSXVWLfa3PX4Pl0
  2. I'd literally wet my knickers with excitement if TonTV actually materialises, and offers virtual season tickets for overseas fans,
  3. I like it. Much better than the previous abomination.
  4. Well I do go to watch my local team occasionally and they do have a predominantly left-wing fan base, if that's what you mean.
  5. Nah, Morton are my team (with I must admit waning enthusiasm in recent years) and they will remain so until I or they die.
  6. I sometimes go to watch my local team, would probably buy a season ticket and become a proper fan.
  7. Honestly, I would have had no idea that the 'other' messageboard even existed, if it wasn't for the fact it's getting repeatedly mentioned on here.
  8. Decent review of the game here https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/26/world-cup-questions-were-england-robbed-by-argentina-at-mexico-86
  9. I lived in London at the time and watched this in my local. Only the threat of getting my head kicked in from a pub full of seething cockney wankahs stopped me from jumping off my seat and going ballistic when Maradona scored the second. .
  10. Trust me, OHL's support base is limited to the city and immediate environs, i.e., ~100,000 people. But hey, I bow to your superior knowledge of the city and region I've lived and worked in for 13 years. And if you think Leuven is a 'bin' town, you've obviously never visited it. It's actually a really nice city, full of architecturally stunning gothic and brabantine buildings. And being a student city it has a cracking nightlife, for those much younger then me, obviously, ha! Deego will back me up on that. Have a look at my Instagram account, you might be pleasantly surprised. https://www.instagram.com/georgebrycephotography/
  11. They were actually pretty well run before King Power took over a couple years back. They've invested a relatively huge amount of money (their stadium, infrastructure and supporter base are comparable to any mid-table club in the top division), without so far gaining promotion. They claim they're in it for the long run, but I'm not entirely convinced. And I've debunked your catchment area pish before, nice try though. The population of greater Leuven is ~100,000 (around 30,000 of whom are students with no previous connections to the city or team), which is not substantially more that the population of greater Greenock. You're right though about Belgium being a bit of a bin, but we're doing OK here and have got no intention of ever moving back to Scotland.
  12. They have indeed, it's actually astonishing how badly many Belgian clubs are run and are in deep financial trouble. Even before the coronavirus, clubs were going bankrupt on a pretty regular basis. Some of them were of a reasonable size and decent fan base as well, it's not just wee diddy clubs. So I'm pretty sure the coronavirus will push some more over the edge before we get back to playing football again. King Power who own my local have spent a huge amount of money on the stadium, infrastructure and squad to get promotion. If they don't get it this season (they lost the first leg of the promotion play-off 1-0 away to Beerschot before the coronavirus shut-down), I can see them cutting their losses and pulling the plug. Lokeren's demise was particularly rapid though, they won the Belgian Cup as recently as 2014, were only relegated from the top division in 2018, and they finished bottom of the 2nd division this season.
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