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  1. ...because they haven't done this before and hadn't anticipated these delays? Maybe they only want to provide updates when they have something concrete to update us with? Maybe it's only the 9th of June and they should be given a chance to put right the wrongs of the past 20 years? Maybe I don't know because they've stopped replying to my emails?
  2. There has been an update on that though, telling us it had been delayed and more info would be available when the legal/HMRC hoops had been jumped through...
  3. So far so signing all the same players again to have the same dreadful season?
  4. Is this voluntary or is he club staff now?
  5. Why are they offering a version that sees the club retain debts that exist as a result of how they managed the club? Dougie ran the club like it was his pet project (including signing players without telling the manager at the time) and now, potentially, the club gets saddled with two million pounds of debt because they don't fancy it anymore?
  6. Perfect for taking on one of the 19.99 Jab & Go Ryanair flights that won't happen
  7. A good statement, hopefully this is a sign that members of MCT being on the club board provides additional clarity and transparency to the support. Good hear membership numbers are rising as well.
  8. Absolutely - the entire range is absolutely overpriced. 14.99 for a calendar is indeed a rip-off. I wonder if it's related to Smiths ordering / supplying on behalf of Morton and both parties trying to make sure they receive a margin on each product, which in turn drives up the price. As always, I'm not surprised they can't get this kind of thing right...it really shouldn't be this difficult.
  9. Just the mentions above (and on Facebook from someone with history of getting these things right) that he was told to get rid of six players in January and couldn't bring anyone in so he walked instead.
  10. But it now appears (as if it's a surprise) that the statement wasn't the slightest bit true anyway...
  11. I guess my point was if we can't afford a manager now, don't expect a replacement later...
  12. So if Hopkin's wage is saving the club money, and apparently the goalkeeping coach is away as well, then it's McElhone supported by the players in charge for the foreseeable future then?
  13. Hard to take the comments seriously when he says he plays like Hector Bellerin (ha) and likes Keiran Tierney's Stone Island style (what).
  14. Straight to Greggs after training then...
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