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  1. Decent effort - perhaps we can crowdfund for some microphones so we can here the interviews properly? Bit of music (muzak?) over the training scenes wouldn't go amiss either. Promising start, 6/10.
  2. Thanks - good to know. Although does that mean Arc have dropped out, seeing as millions is on the back of the new kit?
  3. It's been mentioned before that the club has always insisted Golden Casket "pay the going rate" for the shirt sponsorship, but I doubt the club would ever release the figures anyway. Interesting however that the new home kit has Millions on the back as well, which strikes me as a missed opportunity to get some additional funds - unless GC are paying separately for that as well. Dundee Utd's new kits for example have a different back of shirt sponsor (as you would expect, as that's kind of the point (in fact they have two back of shirt sponsors)) and short, sock and sleeve sponsors. It's a bit cluttered and desperate looking but at least you can see they've got their commercial department working. It looks like the rules (page 84) state the amount of sponsors you're allowed is about total area used, rather than a restriction of the number of sponsors?
  4. There must be hundreds of businesses in the UK who can design and supply the kind of merch you are talking about, and we'd all like to see Morton offer. I wonder if the club is restricted because a/the deal with Smiths??
  5. If Morton were 'officially licensed' with them, then yes they were receiving a fee per case sold. I also dealt with them in my old job and set up a similar deal, initiated solely because I saw they had connected with Morton. The fact you can request any kit for pretty much any phone is a nice selling point but we never actually made much money from the deal, I think partly because they are quite pricey*. Morton might have been better with https://theterracestore.com/ or similar, where you can get retro stuff for a decent price and quality as well. *Edit: I say Nostalgia are pricey, but I see the the 3d versions are even more expensive...!
  6. That of course is not what I said and I'm not disagreeing with you on your general point, merely trying to second-guess the intentions behind the statement. I'm assuming they've said that figure on purpose, perhaps based on some things they've immediately identified don't work or could work better. Perhaps only because it sounds good, time will tell. Also, nobody is saying they aren't focusing on revenue driving and in fact I'd be disappointed if that's not their primary focus.
  7. Of course nobody is saying that's what happened but as we know there are discussions ongoing between MCT and GMFC at the moment, it's not unreasonable to think that MCT are specifically looking at (and may have already identified) ways they think extra revenue can be found and/or saved.
  8. There must be - no exaggeration - hundreds of ticketing companies who have a tried and tested product better than this. I had a quick look and the website doesn't look too bad, until it tells me I have to tell it what browser I'm using to I can see the seating plan!? Absolutely hopeless.
  9. My guess would be that the figure comes as a result of the fact they've already spoken to the club and already been involved in some fact-finding discussions about overheads etc. Also, surely it's a good thing that (if and) when they take over the club they know how it has been run and can make changes immediately, should they be required. If they don't carry out this process in advance, they'll have to do it while running the club which just wastes more time and money. They're also not going to disclose in advance areas they think are overspends or wastes of money, some of it is probably confidential anyway (salaries, debts, etc)
  10. There's also a Media Assistant on the staff list, so perhaps he can carry out the kind of things I'm talking about - better online engagement and content from the club - rather than hiring a Marketing Manager initially. Regular website updates, social media interaction and player/club/community focused content are a must.
  11. Has there been an obvious difference from kit to kit? Is it between the short and long sleeve versions only, or has it actually been an issue with many of the actual individual kits? I'm not disputing it's happened, just curious to see it's an issue with the entire order seeing as I have one on its way to Australia (not that I have any tracking information to see if it's actually on its way). And to reiterate, I really like the Vision kits as well. Wasn't sure about the necessity of the mesh back of the yellow and blue away kit, but it's a really smart kit. Being with Vision allows us to have a full range of bespoke kits, with the other manufacturers you might see the home kit as the only completely unique version.
  12. In terms of the other kit manufacturer options in the market place - assuming they would want to speak to a club the size of Morton (and they weren't too expensive) - some of the less famous blue and white hooped teams in the UK had kits with the likes of Macron and Errea for the 2019/20 season... The last one is Oxford City, who probably have the templated Macron blue and white hooped kit, with Reading's a more customised version of that template. The advantage of being with Vision is we get a bespoke kit, unique to GMFC. Moving to a more recognised supplier may not guarantee that, but the quality might be better overall.
  13. Yeah fair enough. but if we want better supporter engagement, regular updates and a website that is useful and full of content then someone actively employed to do that is required surely? Perhaps part-time initially to save costs, especially when there's less games and no matchday/stadium specific updates to provide...
  14. Of course, although I'd guess (or hope) MCT will be able to work with the club over the next few months to get a proper overview of how things run and have plans in place for implementation straight away. The first place to save money is usually shedding staff, but there isn't a particularly big admin staff in place already. Appointing a Marketing Manager who manages the website and social media output would be a good start.
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