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  1. The article is almost like a burglar’s instruction manual.
  2. They can't be that poor if their strips are Real Kashmir?
  3. No, it was Cormack Snr the guy had a problem with (he didn’t like junior much either, but that was rational).
  4. I used to sit in the stand with my Dad and there was a guy and his wife, both from Kilmarnock, who appeared behind us from 1994 to 97. Guy was a mentalist and absolutely hated Peter Cormack Snr. Bear in mind this was the Lindberg, Rajamaki, Lilley, McInnes etc. era where we were going great and playing some of the best stuff ever. No matter what happened Cormack was getting it, starting from the moment the team (picked by McGraw) was announced. We'd be comfortably winning and McGraw makes a sub in injury time: "CORMACK!!! You ***ing clown!!!" etc. His wee wife would be trying to calm him down as he's near giving himself a stroke. Anyway, all throughout the 96-97 season he kept announcing that he'd had enough and was going to get a season ticket for Killie. Never saw them again after that, so presume that's what they did. So, anyway, that's the guy.
  5. Good point. I had also misread AyrshireTon's post as non-events everywhere else (i.e. they'd only been brilliant for us and useless everywhere else), rather than just elsewhere (i.e. only need to have been an non-event at one club). That probably opens it up a lot more. You could have Bobby Thomson (not rated at all by Hibs fans) or even the likes of Rajamaki.
  6. I'm struggling with this category. Andy Ritchie comes to mind, albeit he was already on a downwards slope before leaving us (hence why released); not exactly a non-event at Celtic either. Rowan Alexander possibly, but I think that would be harsh to call him a non-event outside of his time with us. There's been a few guys who got big moves and turned into non-events (Archie Gourlay and Mark McGraw) but neither were even close to brilliant for us. I am i forgetting someone obvious?
  7. He was on the radio within minutes of full-time saying that he wouldn’t be resigning. He had previously said that he would resign if we didn’t win promotion, but later used the removal of the second automatic promotion place and it’s replacement by the playoff to retreat from that.
  8. Billy Steel's transfer to Derby County was the (then) UK transfer record. £15,500 in 1947 is about £617,000 in today's prices, adjusted for inflation. He was then transferred to Dundee for £22,500 in 1950, which is about £757,000 today.
  9. The way the Wilson handled the McInnes situation and its aftermath (spending the money on Reid rather than a replacement midfielder) were major factors in the fans revolting against him.
  10. I think you over-state the position of strength McInnes was in at the time of negotiating his extension. Whilst the Bosman ruling was just around the corner, no-one knew what the judgment was going to be. Also, the Bosman case (and judgment) related to transfers between EU member states: it did not in itself relate or apply to transfers within the same member-state (this was a later adoption). He was also not "in demand" at the time of signing his extension: he was in dispute over offered contract for some time before eventually signing and was not linked to any clubs during that summer period. He could have signed elsewhere if another club wanted him and was prepared to either meet our expectations or go to tribunal, but he didn't seem to have any attractive offers. He was our star player, but was still relatively low-profile at that time. That aside, confidentiality clauses are common-place in employment contracts; mine has one and I suspect most football contracts are a standard form which includes such a clause. In the vast majority of cases there is no reason to object to a confidentiality clause, but insisting on its removal would send red flags. I doubt the escape clause had it's own confidentiality clause, but suspect it was captured by a general confidentiality clause covering the entire contract. Wilson was quite explicit in the media about the contract having a confidentiality clause and McInnes/McMurdo breaking it. Had there been no such clause, the obvious response of McInnes/McMurdo would have been to admit to leaking the escape clause because they were perfectly entitled to do so. But they never admitted it, and they also never sought to argue that there was no confidentiality clause. More likely that McInnes/McMurdo accepted the clause because: a) any bid from a genuinely interested Premiership Club would have exceeded the 250K threshold anyway, b.) if need by they could always leak the threshold figure with effective impunity, and c) in the event of Bosman going the way they hoped, McInnes would be able to escape at the end of his new contract regardless. All three of these factors came good.
  11. It's a decent listen on its own merits (albeit could've done with being edited down from 37 minutes: there's a lot of repetition), but don't anyone go into it expecting him to make any mention of his time at Morton.
  12. I thought Martin Foster was reasonably decent tbh.
  13. VT was Kenny Shiel's biggest cheerleader before and after he got the job. Given a choice of admitting that Shiels was the wrong man at the wrong time and his tenure was an abject failure, or instead shifting the blame onto the nearest available stooge in Hoppy, there was only going to be one result.
  14. I remember Irons being interviewed just after he become manager and was asked how he planned to improve the squad. He replied that he had noticed that the team had no natural full-backs. He then spent his entire time as Morton manager playing McGuffie in midfield and never signing any "proper" fullbacks.
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