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  1. Midfield did at least pick up a bit 2nd half at Hamilton. Not sure how, but there was a more even contest after the break. So here's hoping. Can't carry on like this for another 45 mins.
  2. They're creating nothing out of midfield. Just reacting (or trying to). Have to feel sorry for Ugwu. No service worth speaking of. Poor bugger's so bored of waiting he's running back way out of position to get involved.
  3. FWIW, I called Smiths just now. And if you can get down there, it's looking like there are plenty more tickets to go round after getting the 2nd batch in yesterday. Ton4life - I don't know you, but PM me if you're still wanting a ticket. Happy to pick an extra one up if needs be, and you can pay me at the ground.
  4. Have you two got history? That's an extraordinary response/ad hominem on another fan simply pointing out that getting a ticket to a local game is harder than it could be. Not everyone spends the week before a game living & breathing football, swapping messages on numerous WhatsApp groups. Some do, some don't. We all have our routines & priorities. Just don't understand why anyone would want to get so personal about matchday ticketing.
  5. Seriously?! How hard can it be to get the unsold tickets returned to Firhill for (let's say) 12pm so that Morton fans wanting to pay on the gate can do so? There are going to plenty of Glasgow-based Morton fans who would be tempted to turn upon the day. Do they want the match revenue or not? Stop making getting to football so difficult. We're also out of town, but north of Glasgow. Quite happy to drive in for the game tomorrow, but really not wanting to schlep over to Greenock first if I can help it.
  6. Not getting much right here, am I? : ) What was it, then? Looked like a back 4 to me, even if Strapp & Hynes were pushing up a bit.
  7. You're right. Sorry...probably overplayed the point. And the assist was special, definitely. But there's def room for improvement on that part of the pitch.
  8. Sorry. Being facetious. Just making the point (maybe a bit too bluntly) that the midfield disappeared for long periods. Service to the front two suffered as a result.
  9. Not a massive fan of the 4-0-2 formation, if I'm honest. Winning games would be so much easier with a midfield, but a win's a win. Frustrating to watch at times, but a good day out all the same. Lumping it forward can work, but generally works best when you've got a pair of hulks up front who know how to hold up the ball and create a bit of time. And neither Ugwu or Muirhead struck me as that kind of player. Plenty of guts & determination from Hamilton & his defence. Can't argue with a clean sheet away from home.
  10. Morning. Anyone know if the away allocation has sold out? Or still possible to get tickets for today's game?
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