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Morton - DU, December 10

Today, 07:54 PM

1-0 down after five minutes.

Are we the only full-time club in the UK with zero away points?

Yesterday, 02:44 AM

In the actually-professional leagues, are we the only ones to have lost literally every away game in the league this season?


In Northern Ireland, something called Warrenpoint Town has somehow escaped from Sensible Soccer to become real, and have no away points, but according to Wikipedia they're "semi-professional", so they don't count.


In our division, Thistle have a far better away record than home, oddly enough.


St. Mirren got an away win at Hamilton this weekend, gaining their first away points in the process.


The "League of Wales" is a pub, not a professional football competition, but in any case even Airbus UK have an away win.


In England, every PL team has an away *win*, much less a point; one level lower, Barnsley have two away draws; in League One, Bolton have an away win, despite having a squad comprising various coal miners and butchers; in League Two, no team has fewer than six away points; and in the last full-time division, the National League, Chorley have belied their town origins - a filming location for Peter Kay vehicles - to manage no fewer than ten points on the road despite occupying the bottom spot.
You have to go down to the Dog and Duck League to find clubs with a record as abject as ours, and this is with the benefit of full-time football. Guys who are working in offices and bakeries and (I'm spitballing here) chandleries are traveling cross-country, rain or shine, and grinding out draws, and we can't keep a clean sheet at Firhill or Gayfield?
We have a trip to Alloa coming up. That's the place to turn this around. If we can't do that, Hopkin should do the decent thing and walk.

Clive James dead

27 November 2019 - 07:54 PM

At 80. He held on for a remarkably long time.


He's one of the most meaningful and prolific mass media figures of the 20th (and early 21st) century, in my view, and probably one of the last of his kind.

Morton v Arbroath

15 November 2019 - 02:39 PM


Score draw imvho.

Right-backs over the past decade

13 September 2019 - 11:55 PM

My brother and I were talking about our right-back woes, and we both concluded sadly that it's been a problem position for a long while. Lee Kilday had a good run there before he went off the boil, and injuries no doubt played their part in that. But I reckon you have to go back to David Van Zanten in 2009 before you find a right-back we had on a permanent deal - no loans - whom you could call a competitive, top-end, consistent Championship player. (Notwithstanding the fact that we weren't in the Championship for some of this time, of course.) Am I forgetting someone?


We've had decent players in all other positions, sometimes more than one at a time, but this one is a sticking point.