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  1. Everyone knew our main problem was a lack of threat up front. So he signs two who can’t even displace the diddies we already have. What was the feckin point.
  2. I respect your right to make that choice. However in my mind paying a contribution to MCT does not translate to a direct payment to the Rae family at this point. Given recent events I very much doubt MCT would simply hand over any new money without attempting to use it to strengthen their own hand.
  3. Hamcam you state ‘the club and MCT need to communicate more effectively.’. i have to say i have been impressed with MCT and their communication. They have been open, honest and transparent throughout not only this issue but since the very start of their tenure as possible future custodians of the club. Compare and contrast that with the radio silence from the club since the chairman’s alarming statement last week. I understand people may be wary of embracing MCT fully. I also recognise not everyone is in a financial position in thes difficult times to pledge money. However if
  4. Equivalent to last season's Calvin Orsi and he had a huge impact. .......... hold on Ill get ma coat
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