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In Topic: Arbroath v Morton

Today, 06:59 PM

A “miracle and a half” to beat Dick “Dick” Campbell’s Arbroath. My word.


Just change Arbroath to Brechin and it's like nothing's changed in almost 20 years. Fuck this stupid football club.

In Topic: Arbroath v Morton

Today, 03:33 PM

Do they do smokies at chip shops?


Also, do they call them "chippers" up there? Worthy of a boycott if they do.


Red pudding is the correct answer, though.

In Topic: Rangers FC - Abuse cover-up discovery

Today, 01:54 PM

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Can't help but think if it was another club, some individuals would be all over it.

Walter knew and he done nothing.

Never forget:


In Topic: Ton Talk

Yesterday, 09:18 PM

100k a week according to their Instagram.


That's not what that graph indicates at all.

In Topic: Ton Talk

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Ferry's interviews feature a different person each episode, talking about numerous different times in that subject's career, and often with spicier stories than you'd expect (or want) from someone speaking officially about the club they're employed by. Ton Talk probably doesn't fit any of those, except possibly the first one (I guess it won't be Jim every week.) I'm not going to slam it without watching it but, having worked until very recently specifically in online sports video, this is not a format I'd have recommended for an official club show. That said, what I've briefly listened to does cover a lot of historical ground, not just soundbites about the current campaign, so if it's designed to be in-depth and historical, fair enough. But again, not how I'd do it if I wanted engagement for a full-length episode.

The sound quality is poor and echoey, the volume is variable, and there's a hiss in the background, but it's early days yet.

I will say the guy doing the questions gave a very good intro and really knows his stuff. There are definitely positives to take here. I just hope the club can show consistency with this and help the guy improve it and make a real go of it.