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  1. I'm as good as can be expected mate. I believe Boozehound knows McYank but I'll certainly pass on your best wishes to Rambo37. Hope you're well mate.
  2. Who cares. He's the most boring poster on here.
  3. What are you so afraid of? I dont get it.
  4. Right now? I wouldn't care but wouldn't support anyone else. I'm a massive boxing fan so would probably just spend fortunes going to all the big fights across the world. Its weird saying that when Morton has been such a massive part of my life but I really have become that detached now.
  5. Au contraire every Thistle fan i've ever met bar none have been brand new.
  6. I dont mind Thistle. Think I've said on here before I'd probably support them had I not been a Morton fan.
  7. Surely older than that? Still high risk from coronavirus so fingers crossed.
  8. I doubt there'll be any football this side of Christmas anyway.
  9. Is this what's happening? Good stuff.
  10. I don't care enough to get into a debate mate. I'm just saying that had I paid for a season ticket i couldn't care less what happens from here on in with it. Morton are an absolute afterthought for me now.
  11. I've not asked for or been offered anything from Sky. All I'm saying is if I'd bought a season ticket this year I wouldn't be giving two hoots about missing 4 games when there are much more important issues happening.
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