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  1. Noon kick offs would rule me out of making any matches due to work. Ah well.
  2. Totally agree. I was working late but while not booing I certainly wouldn't object to anyone else doing so. Anyway, losing 1-0 I see.
  3. This is your thoughts at 2110 on a Saturday night? I'd be checking your hard drive.
  4. Kabia was useless yet again but Muirhead aside from the goal was worse than a man down. Hung Quitongo out to dry a few times and I felt his insipid performance eclipsed anyone else in a Morton jersey.
  5. It's fact unless the morton employee that told me was lying, which he had no reason to.
  6. Refused to play claiming he was injured if memory serves me right. Basically worked his ticket. Fantastic player but ultimate shat on the club who gave him a platform to eventually make his big move.
  7. We offered £20K? We're on the bones of our arse, that can't possibly be true.
  8. They can search me if they want because I always let my 9 year carry any weapons or booze anyway.
  9. The lack of interest on here speaks volumes. Fan ownership panning out as expected. A recipe for disaster from day one.
  10. I thought the defence looked rotten tbh. An accident waiting to happen. Lithgow has to start when fit.
  11. 36%? Our gas and electric has nearly doubled and will treble at the turn of the year. I'd imagine most folk are the same. Ive said it a million times but fan ownership simply can't work at our level and we're now seeing alarm bells ringing. We're about to sink without trace unless someone or a group take the club on.
  12. I've not read all this thread but on Radio Scotland the other night Imrie made it quite clear that the aim was survival this year. Looking at the squad I'd have to agree but I must admit I had much higher hopes after the turnaround of last season.
  13. Was just about to post this. Interesting to see how he does.
  14. I wasn't impressed with Baird first time but I trust Imrie to get the best out of him.
  15. I realise it's an enormous jump in levels but there's a young boy at Largs Thistle just now called William Sewell who's just banged in 41 goals this season. He's a very composed finisher with pace to burn. I'd suggest he's more worthy of a look than retaining the likes of Ecky Easdale. Apparently a few senior clubs sniffing about already.
  16. There's a female steward who needs emptied from her position. Any time I've been at Cappielow she's been at the centre of any flashpoint and her attitude stinks. Short in height, long brown hair with a council facelift.
  17. I started at 4 and and reached 5 a few months ago.
  18. You seem like a right fanny. The type of fan who'll clap the club I love into its grave.
  19. I couldn't give a fuck about Lithgow in all honesty. I don't understand how anyone can get so worked up about it after so much time.
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