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#1120008 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on Today, 11:51 AM

Other schemes of this type already exist so I think calling the idea hairbrained is a little spurious. Nobody is telling anyone what they should or shouldn't do, stop being so sensitive.

To say anyone is being 'sensitive' is a bit spurious, isn't it?

Also, there are a few drum-bangers out there for this scheme already, telling people to get behind it when it currently has more questions than there are answers.
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#1119983 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on Yesterday, 11:37 PM

Everyone can do as they please as far as this is concerned. It's not one for me, but anything that is aimed at doing good for Morton will get my best wishes, regardless of whether or not it has a less convincing case than an Asylum Seeker from Pakistan.

What I think is very patronising is people telling others to get behind this idea. Everyone should think for themselves, and nobody needs Andy Ritchie, Alan McGraw or Stuart Duncan to tell them what to do with their money.
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#1119966 A-Z of football quizzes

Posted by capitanus on Yesterday, 08:27 PM

I've done up to E, averaging around 12/16. Some are real Cuntish questions that involve trying to get Sven-Goran Ericksson's name spelt right.
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#1119888 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on 21 May 2019 - 06:36 PM

Capitanus is on the money here. Its a weak idea with very little for our money at the end of it. As he said in an earlier post, what happens if after the two years we're still in the same place? 15% gets you very little. A whopping £400k for 15% is laughable.

Upwards of 40% and it might be worth talking

I haven't even started on the percentages or valuations yet, Gordon.

What do you think he’s trying to do then? He’s clearly not taking people’s money and riding off into the sunset with it. You can take issue with how it’s structured, distributed etc but I don’t really see how you could say the guy has anything other than good intentions. He’d have literally nothing to gain.

I have never implied that Graham McLennan has anything other than good intentions nor have I implied that I suspect he is a dishonest person in any way, however I have stated that this idea is hairbrained on more than one occasion.

In the same respect, I do not doubt for a second that Robert Thomson is a person of good character and full of great intentions when he runs on the park, however the consensus is that he is not good enough. Get rid.

This idea is simply not good enough. To be put bluntly, Morton's supporters deserve better, especially if you are asking them to part with their hard earned cash. It should have been planned and thought through a lot more thoroughly before going public with the idea. The Daily Record should have been amongst the last to know, instead of the ordinary punters.
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#1119865 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on 21 May 2019 - 02:38 PM

I'm sceptical too mate but what do we have to lose really?

A few hundred pound each, plus the likelihood that a better idea in the future may fail as supporters would be less likely to back it.
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#1119808 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on 21 May 2019 - 07:32 AM

Because its a fucking stupid question which has been answered already.

Brian raised a very good question which I cannot see an answer.
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#1119801 MCT Ask Me Anything

Posted by capitanus on 21 May 2019 - 12:24 AM

Primary objective is to invest in the GMFC first team in the next two seasons

Isn't that an extremely short-termist objective?

What happens if, God forbid, the investment in the first team is squandered on shite players? What then? Your hairbrained idea of 'ivry buddy chips in munny' then dies on its arse.

For all their faults, the GMST were head and shoulders above in terms of the thought behind their organisation and what they were aiming to achieve. Their objective was to acquire a substantial shareholding to enable the supporters to have a stake and a say in how things were run at Morton. Granted that both Jim McColl and Stuart Duncan were very ineffective at holding DDFR to account and were unable to prevent reckless spending/borrowing or the Debt-for-equity swap which almost wiped out GMST's once substantial shareholdings, however that is as a result of failings of individuals rather than their initial idea being a failure.

We've got a legal and charity expert working on the share structure. Having met with Hibs and St Mirren supporters groups every club appears to have done this differently. Whatever is recommended as the best solution will be run past pledgers and we will go ahead with the consensus.

In other words, you're not sure.

Morton already have a supporters trust, jut like these Hibs and St.Mirren 'supporters groups' which you have mentioned. The GMST is regulated by the industrial and provident societies act and the concept of a Morton supporters trust remains a good idea, despite the failings of previous office bearers within the organisation.

I can't help but think you are looking to reinvent the wheel here.

MCT itself will be a legally constituted social enterprise/non profit. Again the same expert is recommending the best structure to deliver what MCT is trying to deliver.

In other words, you're not sure.

The Board of MCT will be legally responsible. The Board will be constituted from the Leadership Team (LT) currently made up of around 20 volunteers. Whether the Board is appointed through formal election depends on the legal structure.

Already an Us/them scenario is developing with this scheme with your 'Leadership Team'.

Money back is an important issue and being covered by the legal expert, as this is part of their brief. What I can say is that I will insist that anyone paying a 24 month Direct Debit will be able to stop this. MCT will not chase people for money they don't want to pay.

Is this 'legal expert' working on this pro bono? He's looking into a helluva lot of things.

MCT is not the GMST. MCT has been/is being set up to deliver this current project.

Timescales for the above is tight in order to enable first payments to GMFC in July 2019.
We are working very hard to deliver this.

The GMST was far better organised than this. It had clear objectives from the outset. The people organising the GMST may have had fall-outs etc. at the bitter end but it was far more superior to this hairbrained 'ivry buddy chips in munny' idea which seems more about allowing the owners of the club to abdicate their responsibilities than it does about giving the supporters a say in how things are run at Morton.

That's my final thoughts on this idea - it's hairbrained. You don't seem to have a clue.
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#1119606 Hopkin Appointed

Posted by capitanus on 19 May 2019 - 02:09 PM

Crawford May have reduced his budget for Morton but maybe the finance is coming from other families...

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#1119363 Hopkin Appointed

Posted by capitanus on 16 May 2019 - 12:01 AM

Hoppys at the wheel
Tell me how good does it feel
We'll have Tidser, wee Midge and McHugh
But we'll still fuck it up like we do

Doo doo dooo and so on

Hoppy's at the wheel

Tell me how good does it feel

We've got Midge and Jimbo and Tids(hopefully)

David Hopkin he's Greenock born and bred

Duh du, du du du du du

Duh du, du du du du du

Sea. You two. Get in.
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#1119157 General Football - Weird Results And Other Things Worth Sharing

Posted by capitanus on 14 May 2019 - 07:06 PM

I see the dedicated thread is locked, but yet another person convicted of being a Bheast whilst working for Celtic... time for the Scottish government to hold a public inquiry into what was clearly a paedophile ring.

The Scottish Government currently have their own issues with *alleged* serial sex offenders in their own ranks at the moment.

This will come to trial in time for Our first minister to call a second referendum.
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#1119111 Player of the Year 2018-19

Posted by capitanus on 13 May 2019 - 06:24 PM

Ah well, if that’s the case then it’s a complete outrage that the site owner hasn’t went out of his way to go buy a trophy to present to Tids on behalf of an internet forum consisting of approximately 20-30 regular posters.
After all, the site pays for itself through advertising.

Tidser is getting fuck all.

The mere fact that he signed a pre-contract agreement with those bastards, especially after everything that happened earlier this season, firmly puts him out of contention for any kind of POTY award.

He should fuck off to the relegated dross outfit. He's not fit to wear the shirt.
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#1119082 Who now?

Posted by capitanus on 12 May 2019 - 10:16 PM

'Managing Port Juniors' being used as supporting evidence for a job application at The Famous. 

Is that a higher level than the subbuteo team that Brian Wake managed in Sweden?
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#1119072 Who now?

Posted by capitanus on 12 May 2019 - 07:27 PM

easdails nearly there it seems . what they were saying in the pub not sure what to think

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#1119066 Who now?

Posted by capitanus on 12 May 2019 - 07:08 PM

Aye, a guy who won two leagues in a row would be a horrible appointment.

He didn't win two leagues in a row, but he won promotion two years in a row.
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#1118999 Davie McKinnon.. New Chief Executive?

Posted by capitanus on 11 May 2019 - 01:00 PM

There could be a song in that

Why do BIRDS...

Altered Images - I could be happy. :D
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