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In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

Today, 10:51 AM

Well said Alibi. IMO, booting the arse right out it will do more harm than good. Let them be and let them be happy without parading them like the FA cup.

In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

Today, 08:52 AM

Ie their own fucking support 😂😂

In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

Yesterday, 09:41 PM

We live in hope.

In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

Yesterday, 09:38 PM

It has changed days from the time when Charan Gill tried to invest in Partick Thistle around 20-odd years ago, only for then owner Jim Oliver to rebuke him as 'some guy with a curry hoose'. Oliver then went on a rant in the press saying something along the lines of "couldn't care less if he was a black, one eyed lesbian saxophone player".

Who knows, maybe in 20 years time Celtic will open a chain of kindergartens.

Palestine and other countries politics are their things atm. Maybe one day

In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

That’s not the point though. You don’t see the LGBT kicking up a fuss about them milking it (I haven’t at least) - it’s supposed to generate discussion and place eyeballs on something football has neglected for quite a while now. Just like the Rainbow Laces stuff - there’s no direct benefit other than putting it into people’s heads, and that’s fine. The reaction from some quarters to the strip shows how long a road there still is to go in gay/trans becoming (relatively) normalised in football. This, and similar campaigns at least get the ball rolling.

(And Coisty & Brazil are fantastic)

Im skeptical of Thistle's motives to say the least. I'll leave it at that.