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  1. By contacting Hamilton Accies and pretending to be some random Nigerian.
  2. As the man in the orthopaedic shoe said: I stand corrected.
  3. No, that was Go West. Which is what the people of Hong Kong will be doing very soon, with their British Overseas Passports.
  4. Leicester is getting locked down again due to this Chinese disease. Here's hoping that it doesn't spread to other places.
  5. Password reminder: How many funnels has the Waverley?
  6. Have you noticed there is less triangles in a Toblerone nowadays. Absolutely disgusting.
  7. Thanks, now what is a Joel Sked?
  8. We've established that Partick are a scummy wee club who get a free pass when it comes to things like racism and sectarianism. It's their proximity to Glasgow's supposedly 'trendy' West End, with all its wanky students, ex-students and media luvvies that afford them this luxury.
  9. That's clutching at straws for a story by the Daily Record's reporter.
  10. What is Nutmeg or Joel Sked? Has that guy with the CFB Podcasts been interviewed by them yet?
  11. That will be Game, Set and Match here I suppose. :lol:
  12. Meh. Greenock boy leaves Morton for Queen of the fucking South!?! In the sea with him.
  13. Thanks, I checked that out. McHugh has never been a prolific goalscorer with anyone except us. 30 goals in 101 appearances is a good return for a Morton player, who for all intents was never first choice.
  14. I thought we got McHugh from Dumbarton?
  15. The wonderful world of 6CC, aka as Noel from Northern Ireland. Great guy.
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