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  1. Mistake not tying him down for longer when he initially signed.
  2. Let's hope. It would be utterly immoral if this is pushed through to suit a few of the bigger names in Scotland (including Thistle and Falkirk although we know they're both league 1 minnows now) That said, it would also be peak Scottish football to do so.
  3. Bob on the latest weekly update. Seems a really nice fella. Certainly goes with my well wishes. 12 goals this season, whilst not playing/being injured/season cut short. A goal in ever 3 games is not a bad return for a Morton player who suffered a few injuries
  4. Nice of him to finish with God Bless you all. A good Christian at the helm
  5. He also says wee surprise regarding "a" kit. Maybe a 3rd or some more replicas?
  6. Not sure i buy the low key kit launch. We're still a business.
  7. He seems to be putting a shift in. Probably most of it by himself given everyone else is on furlough.
  8. If we got Morton TV, i wonder who our "wits the goalie dain, Tom" equivalent would be.
  9. Im all for going down the route of in-house design and local (ish) manufacture if it means we dont get a run of the mill, sunday league effort for a strip. The nike tops were barkin'. Also, if the profit margin is increased then happy days.
  10. Careful not to point out that they're a bunch of ambulance chasers, or you'll be branded homophobic. Rotten club.
  11. Pretty shoddy marketing right enough.
  12. Plain and simple. Like the collar.
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