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  1. Most seasons we say we can do better and most seasons we end up with the next Andre Boe. I would love to see the scouting report on Ramsbottom.
  2. Best of luck to Lamie. His attitude has ensured his career progresses upwards while others plumb the depths
  3. I see no sense in the proposal as it simply rewards failure. It should be a straightforward no but there does seem to be pressure being applied from the powers that be to avoid further infighting
  4. I only, thankfully, met 6CC on the one occasion. He was having breakfast at the most prestigious five star hotel in Greenock after the promotion winning game against Peterhead. He looked up at me with spaghetti hoops dribbling down his chin before his wee bestie TiD joined him for a cuddle (TiD also needed help opening a pack of cereal - I think it was Coco Pops. Despite having his zip down throughout our conversation he was most agreeable company. TiD on the other hand was an oaf.
  5. I received in the post this morning confirmation of the winding up of GMST resulting in a cash donation to GMCT and a redistribution of retained shares. Like so many other fans, I really wanted the GMST to work and therefore contributed money. Many thanks to those who put their head above the parapet and selflessly gave up their time but as with so many things involving Morton it was ultimately destined to fail. No point raking over the past but it does highlight the difficulty in any fan-based venture working for the good of all and not destroying itself in a spiral of self-interest and hubris. At least going forward there will be 230 new shareholders to fill the Board room at Cappielow for the AGM.
  6. I have never heard Larkfield referred to as Burns Square but I did play for St Andrews BC - manager back then was Mr Jackson.
  7. Well I never, capitanus is a "humane being" .
  8. You need images of Scousers not Geordies. Interesting tie-up, hopefully doomed to failure. I only ever heard of Castore when they signed up with Andy Murray.
  9. Difficult to see all the clubs in Scotland surviving if football does not start up later this year, with fans being in attendance. If Morton ceased to exist, I cannot see myself following another team aside from Scotland. I also miss the tribal preening, bitching, boasting, winding-up, highs and lows etc associated with football.
  10. Through their bitter salty tears many Rangers fans want their club to walk away from Scottish football so why bother voting? 😂
  11. Not having a go at Gerry just genuinely perplexed at the ability of some people to be able to turn off their support for a club and flit to another. If I fell out of love with Morton (and I have done a few times over the years) I cannot see myself transferring my loyalty to another club - to many memories to put to one side.
  12. I agree but enough to chuck it? And for Man Utd?
  13. How do you give up on 'your' team to then support another? As a club, Morton has tested the fan's loyalty over the years but I don't get how you give up?
  14. Aside from Dundee has it ever been confirmed who the other five clubs are that have appropriate insurance?
  15. Whatever the outcome, the seething mess of fans of the media luvvies and the three-sided seaside stadium mob has fair perked up my day. At this point, I don't care of it is the 'right' answer, it would be a welcome outcome.
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