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  1. Think Hearts had already started back too
  2. Tumilty has signed a two year deal at Raith
  3. I think that today was his first official match rather than the match they lost shortly after he was announced.
  4. I too will judge his track record based on events that took place in the season before he joined the club.
  5. The projected £100,000 of savings did raise an eyebrow I must admit, but Graham Barr mentioned in his recent interview that MCT have been working closely with Nick for a while now and so they will have had sight of, and taken advice from him about, the club’s financial position. The answers to a lot of the questions people have at the minute eg around the stadium will be subject to ongoing negotiation. Hopefully the membership number keeps increasing to give them as strong a negotiating hand as possible.
  6. It’s a sore one that. By all accounts really kind and warm to fans and supportive to up and coming bands around the Manchester scene. What a talent too.
  7. At around 4.50pm on today’s Sportsound they highlighted the Team Talk programme which runs every Monday (currently online but soon returning to Cappielow). You can find out more about Team Talk in the link below: http://mortoncommunity.net/2019/09/24/team-talk-frequently-asked-questions/ Some feedback from its users, along with contact details (at the bottom of the page) for those interested in coming along here: http://mortoncommunity.net/2020/05/18/team-talk-one-year-of-talking/
  8. According to the link there is an official launch on Sat 18 July.
  9. Great to get points on the board in the statement league https://gmfc.net/2020/04/15/spfl-resolution/
  10. The Victim, another BBC four parter on iPlayer, has a similar feel to it, and also is set in Inverclyde.
  11. This was an interesting read on his better side: https://theathletic.com/1289971/2019/10/15/the-remarkable-tale-of-two-boys-who-went-begging-for-pennies-and-ended-up-living-with-brian-clough/ It also features Jim McInally (Non pay-walled version here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3156178/The-boy-saved-poverty-Brian-Clough-Man-reveals-legendary-football-manager-let-family-home-16-four-years-turned-life-round.html)
  12. I’m not all that sure about the details but they are exploring the possibility of buying Morton over the next year (?) or so.
  13. I don’t think that’s obviously the case - staff is quite an ambiguous term (here I’d imagine intentionally so given that ‘employee’ is used elsewhere in the guidance) that could easily extend to unpaid staff/volunteers (some times it does in law and guidance and sometimes it doesn’t). If, say, a charity relied heavily on volunteers to perform critical functions and carried only one paid member of staff I’m not convinced it would be in the spirit of the scheme to say that those volunteers couldn’t pick up any of the functions of the furloughed employee.
  14. There are loads of volunteers who work in football, some of them at Morton. Whether that should be the case or not, that’s long been the case. That being so, we’ve asked an existing volunteer to take on an additional function while the employee is furloughed along with colleagues in order to maintain their paid jobs at the other side of the crisis. I wouldn’t say that particularly offends the letter or the spirit of the scheme.
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