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  1. These legal challenges are...interesting. About as close to an abuse of process as you can get, which was Trump’s MO in Scotland. And the lawyers!
  2. Once the focus on Trump losing shifts to Biden winning I think he has the potential to be a better President than he was a candidate (though his election strategy was pretty smart). He’s standing on probably the most progressive platform of any Democrat in my lifetime (or at least since I was able to make sense of politics) having worked with Sanders on a joint policy platform. The question will be how much room he has to legislate for it without the Senate or circumvent through executive orders against a 6-3 Court.
  3. I wouldn’t say Gorsuch is any less likely to go against the grain of the base than Kavanaugh or Coney-Barrett. All three have been serious, well qualified, picks. Though that Roberts is seen as being to the left of the base is telling!
  4. cmdc

    Ton Tv

    And that’s from a man with three different laptops on three different operating systems
  5. I'm not painting that picture - GC and MCT are painting that picture. And, like I said (a) GC's commercial interest will be in the land, and (b) the devil will be in the detail. All I'm really doing here is replying to Dunning: that we aren't starting from a break-even budget, and that unforeseen losses/expenses (like those experienced this year) and cash flow issues (like those experienced, say, over a harsh winter) will contnue to present significant challenges (now more so than ever - as they do to every club at this level) but (as far as I'm aware) without the backstop of a lender of last resort. In that context there is a certain logic to the position GC and MCT have arrived at but we need to see how the agreement takes shape and how Morton's interests are protected within it.
  6. Nothing to do with blinkers - just a clarification that GC still put money in to cover cash flow and losses, because it is often assumed that this is no longer the case.
  7. It isn’t quite accurate that GC are no longer putting anything in so there is still a challenge there. The club has aimed to break even but according to the most recent accounts (despite reporting ‘significant improvement’) still runs at a loss (or at the time of publishing the accounts a loss looked likely), which has been financed by GC. The other important contribution GC makes is financing short term cash flow issues which might arise, for example, if home games are cancelled. The latter is probably the more pressing issue for MCT/Morton post-GC (and in no small part is why GC are holding the stadium - in case cash flow problems become overwhelming and lead to administration).
  8. The devil will be in the detail, but I suppose the trade off for MCT is that GC won’t be charging rent on Morton’s use of Cappielow (beyond a peppercorn rate) and Morton will retain all income eg from renting space to GMCT at a commercial rate or from hospitality. Also, unlike if GC was eg to get ‘free’ upgrades of its factory units from tenants’ money, most improvements to Cappielow will be of limited commercial benefit to GC as they will (most likely) essentially be single use for professional football - I’d guess GC’s commercial interests lie in the land itself rather than what’s on top of it.
  9. Deego

    Hi Chris

  10. I don’t think he struggled to adjust to that level at all, as Duffy said in the link above, he was very good that season and next, but I sense we’re not going to agree on that! On the Championship thing though, he was signed by Burnley and Bolton. It’s not just that he had a delusional thought that he could play at that level, it’s that clubs at that level thought he could too and offered him the chance. It didn’t work out that way, but that’s life.
  11. That’s a bit misleading I think as he was injured for much of that latter period. I basically agree with Duffy’s assessment of him here: https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/sport/14475797.duffy-mckee-could-leave-morton-to-make-england-return/. Anyway, I seem to have gone from “it’s old ground” to “clear my diary instead anyone is critical of Joe McKee”...
  12. Yeah, that figure was in the most recent accounts too.
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