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  1. According to the link there is an official launch on Sat 18 July.
  2. Great to get points on the board in the statement league https://gmfc.net/2020/04/15/spfl-resolution/
  3. The Victim, another BBC four parter on iPlayer, has a similar feel to it, and also is set in Inverclyde.
  4. That does seem to be the noise coming from the FM/Scottish Government (who are due to publish something tomorrow I think on exit strategy) and, today, from the Chief Medical Officer in England. Might be an exercise in expectation management but it’s fair to say clubs now need to plan as if social distancing will be in place at least for the remainder of this calendar year.
  5. This was an interesting read on his better side: https://theathletic.com/1289971/2019/10/15/the-remarkable-tale-of-two-boys-who-went-begging-for-pennies-and-ended-up-living-with-brian-clough/ It also features Jim McInally (Non pay-walled version here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3156178/The-boy-saved-poverty-Brian-Clough-Man-reveals-legendary-football-manager-let-family-home-16-four-years-turned-life-round.html)
  6. I’d forgotten about the bold Mike. Did we ever peg down exactly what the script was with him?
  7. Scott once asked me to pretend I’d seen Ian McCall smoking in the stadium so he could sack him. Never forgot that.
  8. I’m not all that sure about the details but they are exploring the possibility of buying Morton over the next year (?) or so.
  9. Can remember two things from around this era - the model stand mentioned above that you are referring to and a drawing in the Tele of a stand arching over Sinclair Street.
  10. There was also a model of a stand that sat in the board room that I’m sure was different to this one - from memory, more like the stand at Firhill.
  11. I don’t think that’s obviously the case - staff is quite an ambiguous term (here I’d imagine intentionally so given that ‘employee’ is used elsewhere in the guidance) that could easily extend to unpaid staff/volunteers (some times it does in law and guidance and sometimes it doesn’t). If, say, a charity relied heavily on volunteers to perform critical functions and carried only one paid member of staff I’m not convinced it would be in the spirit of the scheme to say that those volunteers couldn’t pick up any of the functions of the furloughed employee.
  12. There are loads of volunteers who work in football, some of them at Morton. Whether that should be the case or not, that’s long been the case. That being so, we’ve asked an existing volunteer to take on an additional function while the employee is furloughed along with colleagues in order to maintain their paid jobs at the other side of the crisis. I wouldn’t say that particularly offends the letter or the spirit of the scheme.
  13. I think we are all losers in this argument...
  14. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly twisted interpretation of the rules for Morton to decide that communication is a critical function (they might, for example, want to advertise season tickets before the furlough scheme officially comes to an end) or for that work done by a furloughed employee to be reallocated to an existing volunteer who has been working on that side of things. There’s a different argument about whether it’s critical to know Aidan Nesbitt’s favourite songs but I wouldn’t get too hung up on that.
  15. It's a pointless argument, but that's not the case - you said it was a replacement/substitute worker and on that basis that it applies to the CFB guy. When applied to workers it's not just that they are a replacement/substitute, but that they are a replacement or substitute undermining a dispute. I don't know if there's a dispute here but there's nothing to suggest that there is. Maybe the employee feels aggrieved, maybe not. But a lot of the criticism aimed at him for this particular issue (I know there's other stuff in the background to this) seems to be based on the assumption that the employee is unhappy and an assumption about the volunteer's motivations. Like I said before, the strongest criticisms feel like they are ahead of the facts.
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