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  1. Not very realistic that the buttons on the new strip don't go into the blue hoop.
  2. Variety is the spice of Morton life.
  3. Sounds promising, we'll probably stick him at RB.
  4. Looks like were trying to line up Josh McPake from Rangers.
  5. https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/glentoran-confirm-conor-pepper-exit-18680385
  6. The easiest way for MCT to find out how to run a full time club, is to do the exact opposite if what happens just now. Simple.
  7. Why have interstadia not had legal action raised against them? The mind boggles
  8. I'm surprised they've went for a full season ticket, without knowing how many games that will consist of. I understand they need to bring in some money but a ten game package might have been more worthwhile, with fans paying for streaming separately.
  9. He's the Communications Director of MCT.
  10. I didn't miss anything pal. Not even the bit where MCT say: "Monthly payments will run for 24 months, after which no further financial commitment from contributors is required or expected." So we expect the club to still run at a loss?
  11. Yes but for what cause? The current pledge is to increase the player budget and decrease the club debt. That will no longer be the case when MCT take over. What will people be pledging for then?
  12. Hopefully. My point is, will MCT seek to continue asking members for a regular payment after their pledge period has finished?
  13. It's not odd at all. Pledges are for 24 monthly payments of £X. Then what?
  14. The initial period for MCT members to contribute was two years, ending after this new season. Can we assume a new target will be put to the members?
  15. No offence but that is rank.
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