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  1. I don't think much will change between last season and this one. GC closed the purse last season to make us live within our means, so it'll be same again this season. If anything it'll be MCT who will be watching the pennies.
  2. Ah, got it now. With 100 new members in the first couple of days after the announcement, I don't foresee there being a problem for next year.
  3. Where are you getting this two season transition period from? Summer of 2021 is next season.
  4. That's the whole point though. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have worked through this with their fans tied behind them by a London based government who have put money over health time and time again yet we've still came out of it with less deaths per capita. The 'anti' agenda looks like it's all yours.
  5. Scotland would have probably done much better if we hadn't been shackled to the shambolic mess south of the nonexistent border.
  6. Nicky Cadden signs for Forest Green. Boooooooo
  7. Totally agree. It's been shocking how little has come out if the club during lock down. Putting the media guy on furlough has been a big mistake in my opinion. As far as I know, he was only part time anyway. He'd have been far more use carrying on with what he does, as well as picking up the slack in other areas.
  8. Without confirmation of when the league starts, or how many games there will be, I'm not confident this season will be anything other than a consolidation season for many clubs. Budgets will be greatly reduced, which might even be an advantage to part time clubs.
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