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  1. It wasn't only Jimmy McGrory who was called the Human Torpaedo at Celtic Park.
  2. Good to see and long overdue, but wasn't this meant to be introduced as part of the new website?
  3. As much as I'd like to see it, his career has moved on even further than probably he even thought it would. Would be very surprised if it happened.
  4. McKee was decent for this level. Got it tight from the fans but those with a football eye could see he was a player.
  5. Yes. He'd be better spending his time doing things that benefit his own team. Possibly launching the new club website that he's been promising since the beginning of time.
  6. Sorry to hear former assistant manager Tam Forsyth has passed away. Always remember him trying to slide tackle John McNeil in front of the Cowshed, missing and taking the legs away from PC Plod.
  7. Smoking isn't big or clever. Have yourself a word with Andy Morrison and get yourself off it before it's too late.
  8. He didn't go to Moscow until 2007. Think you've got your dates mixed up pal.
  9. I'd imagine Kelty will be in the North section with Stenny in the South.
  10. It's a right kick in the teeth for fans, who have shelled out for season tickets and can't even attend games. They wont be named but they'll become known over the next few days. Aberdeen will no doubt rightly hammer them with maximum fines.
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