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  1. Dunfermline's official crowds are a work of fiction.
  2. All the players have had their contracts extended through at least part of this month for furlough but it's getting to decision time on who will remain at the club next season. McHugh has already announced his intention to join King Snake's latest jumped-up rabble having worked out so well for literally turncoat who has done it so far, so is dead to us now. This appears to be our signed squad so far: Goalkeepers Defenders Lewis Strapp. (20 ) 2022 Midfielders Kyle Jacobs (28) 2021 Reece Lyon (20) 2022 Craig McGuffie (22) 2021 Cameron Salkeld (21) 2021 Luca Colville (20) 2021 Cameron Blues (22) 2021 Strikers Kalvin Orsi (23) 2021 Normally I'd be quite happy to empty a good dozen players after an average campaign but this close season is different. I do not fancy our chances in the transfer market given the financial hit of the pandemic but perhaps more importantly the proposed 27 game schedule means that there is nowhere near as much scope for bedding in a new squad. Having a coherent team with experience of playing together would IMO be a significant advantage compared to a normal campaign, whereas if we show up on the opening day with another van Scheik or two in the first team then we could be in relegation trouble very quickly. I'd be quite happy then to offer an extension on the majority of deals with the exceptions of Ramsbottom (if possible, not convinced that contract is up), Muirhead as well as McLean and Millar who are both over the hill. If we have a better centre back lined up - arise Sir Gavin - then we should punt McGinty as well. As for players coming in, sorting out the goalkeeper positions - getting Rogers back permanently would be a good start - and a replacement for McHugh have to be considered the top priorities. Discuss.
  3. I prefer this one from the same, utterly hilarious day:
  4. Of all the reasons to detest such an odious, stupid outfit Partick, you couldn't even find an entry in the top 100.
  5. Launch all of this into the sun.
  6. Which is also the likely destination for Sir Richard Lamie this summer as well. Another sair yin that for Tam 'King Snake' O'Ware as he looks up the Balmoral Stadium and 'Clyde' on the satnav for next season's seaside league travails.
  7. The Mail's coverage of Scottish football is usually more reliable than the Keith Jackson/Gordon Parks clowns working for the red tops; this entirely adds up with what McKinnon said last week.
  8. Wasn't a big fan of McHugh as a player for most of his spell at the club but it's a major blow to lose him right now after his most impressive season. Keeping your first team in place and developing them could be all it takes to have a very good campaign next season, given the turmoil that will be affecting all clubs at this level. One thing that does stand out with McHugh is that he has become a much better all-round player over time than the one trick (really two), run in a straight line/penalty box finisher we got from that rabble in Grangemouth. It's an alarmingly rare occasion that we sign a player who is already established at this level and significantly improve them, so credit is due to McHugh himself and to some of the parade of coaches we've had through the door in recent years.
  9. The issue at stake isn't even remotely whether bigger clubs get access to the best young players though, it's about the integrity of the lower leagues as stand-alone, professional competitions in their own right. That battle can be reliably won, not least because the highly restrictive voting systems that the Old Firm insisted on to protect their interests in the top flight now prevent them from browbeating a thin majority of clubs to let them have their way. The serious threat to lower league integrity clearly comes from within, as clubs like Stenhousemuir reach to have a sook at the OF boaby. There needs to be a measure passed barring those nefarious 'partnerships' from springing up within the SPFL, or just pray for the sporting gods to land them with six Graham Dale/Andrew Dallas figures in one season that send their horrible rabble the way of 'Berwick Rangers'.
  10. Running a full-throated commercial campaign when you're telling HMRC that your backroom staff aren't actually working is absolutely to do with furlough. You can't have your cake and eat it and as McKinnon suggested regarding the players' situation, the club is aware that the scheme may be audited at a later date to root out chancers.
  11. Well no, we can compare it to previous seasons in which there was a 'normal' (by Morton standards) kit launch. If the claim that pre-orders are up on previous years is true - in an extremely turbulent economic situation - then we must reject the idea that the club has missed out on some obvious free money by not having a big shiny launch. Seems that if people know that your product is available and the quality is good enough then you really don't need superfluous marketing gimmicks or a 'zany' social media presence to achieve your commercial goal.
  12. Finally we're getting the single, dignified star above the badge that our La Decima title record deserves.
  13. Good luck telling HMRC that life has to go on for you as a business, while also claiming taxpayers' money to keep all your employees on furlough. There's also no evidence that the club is losing revenue from their kit launch just because they didn't put some bells and whistles on the announcement.
  14. Proper kit manufacturers won't be offering us anything more than a straight from the catalogue shanner of an effort. It's good to have a classic home top instead of the trying way too hard efforts in recent years and if it's the same quality as the Argentina-style retro one then I'll have no complaints.
  15. The guy who runs that page seems to be a Morton fan so has the same vested interest as anyone on here.
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