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  1. That would just be our luck after waiting over 30 years for a trip to Tynecastle.
  2. What’s the situation with Cadden? I’ll be raging if we let him go.
  3. Sad to see wee Bob leave. He might not have been prolific, but he always chipped in with goals when we needed them.
  4. It sounds like an excuse. Probably couldn’t be arsed.
  5. £50k to save Hearts? Nah, fuck em!
  6. Ann’s flashed her knickers to Doncaster and MacLennan, hoping her philanthropist friends can help secure Hearts’ top-flight status.
  7. Standard cuntish **** behaviour.
  8. "There's yer tea" Morton's marketing strategy Nice shirt btw
  9. The club is being run like a private members’ club with info on a need-to-know basis. The website is rarely updated and the social media channels have been hijacked. Other clubs have been innovative with their online platforms during the downtime and have engaged with their fans, while we've just handed the keys over to the work Geordie.
  10. They're on furlough, so couldn't even if they wanted to.
  11. Have Hearts not been laughed out of the SPFL office yet?
  12. Ann’s naw budgin, but her team are. The sooner they accept it, the better. Incidentally, I haven’t heard a mouse-fart from Sevco, since they were telt tae get back in their box.
  13. He’ll be wishing he was up the road watching his big team.
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